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i'm a tree!

Some of the best mushrooms i've ever had were from Humboldt county.

Some of the best mushrooms i've ever had were from Humboldt county. These only required a gram to have a strong trip.
this was around my fiftieth trip. I consumed an eigth about ten minutes away from my house. I drove home and had time to walk to my room before the mushrooms hit me. I remember laying down and slowly slipping into a dreamy state. Slowly intense vibrations starting flowing through my body. The next thing I knew i was talking to friends from the past that weren't there. Two old friends were standing in room talking to me. Then a relative was there. My conscience started expanding beyond my room until I was everywhere and everything. Reality flashed and I remember living a life as a tree. I WAS a tree and watched the landscape with a strange all ecompassing calm. I remember it being an oak tree in particular and waving gently in a cool fall breeze. There was a cliff behind me and when the wind touched my wooden extensions my leaves would brush against the cliff.
My memory and reality after this is somewhere else and I woke up in the morning after this

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