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Yes, my first trip was on my b-day last december ('97).

Yes, my first trip was on my b-day last december ('97). Got the shrooms and went out to a dance-club in DC with friends. Ate some inside, sharing with friends, with great music pulsing through the speakers. Not much happened inside the club and I don't remember much of that part except just being really euphoric and needing to drink a lot of water and rest a lot. When I did sit down, I had the best time watching people.

Also got some glow sticks, tied them to some string we ripped off the wall, and a friend and I sat there spinning them around watching the cool 'circles' we made with the glowsticks. We took turns with both of them, making intricate patterns. Decent visuals, but nothing exceptional. The club closed around 3am, and still wasn't super-tripping.

Hopped in a friend's minivan and smoked a bowl. He drove me to my car, and a huge group of us went to an after-party. Driving was a lot of fun, but hard to concentrate. I was solely focused on the car I was following, and it was like our cars were all tied together. There were about 5 cars all in a line. It was rather funny. I enjoyed a CD in the car too, and all the street lights were pretty glowing colors.

At the after-party, we smoked more and put on the movie Aeon Flux: Mission Infinite. This was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. The movie was captivating, and extremely trippy. Visuals were crazy, and the mental trip was beyond belief. Many of my friends had to stop watching it b/c it was too much to handle. Very tough to figure out, but I was sooooo curious to see what happened in the end, I figured they'd explain it all in the end. They didn't, but the movie just blew me away. A girl I'd met that night at the club (friend of a friend who was shrooming too) and I headed out since everyone else was asleep and the movie was over (she'd watched the whole thing too). We went outside, and it was daylight, and that was very weird. The sun was really bright. As we went to our cars, I asked her if she was ok. She said no, and she was f-ed up!! I said me too, and let's get some coffee somewhere.

We ended up getting gas and she followed me to my house about a half hour away. The drive was very difficult, and I found myself losing concentration many times. The music in the car would start to take me on a journey, and I guess my foot started to ease off the gas when that happened b/c I'd look in the rear-view, and suddenly, she was right on my tail. So I'd speed up again (watching I didn't exceed the speed limit), and the whole process would re-start. I did this numerous times, and yelled at myself to focus. Didn't work.

We finally made it to my house, and had an extremely spiritual, other-worldly conversation, bonding on an ethereal level. She's a makeup artist and she ended up doing my face, and we took pictures. When I looked in the mirror it really tripped me out. It looked tribal! Try it sometime! I finally went to go to bed, but my mind was still very much alive, and it took a while before I crashed hard. What a birthday!!! :)

Needless to say, I've done it many more times since, and after just moving to NY, I finished inoculating my first batch last night. I hope it works! Wish me luck!

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