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It Aint My Fault

one Day i was hanging out over my freinds house.

one Day i was hanging out over my freinds house. Its about a year ago i have never done any druge before in my life so my freind decided that it would be cool to trip but didn't tell me. So he orderd a Pizza and sent me to the store to buy some pop. He asked me what i wanted on it i told him i didn't care so when i got back from the store about 20 minutes later because i had to walk the pizza was already there it had peperoni and mushrooms of course i liked mushrooms alot but i didn't know he put them on ther him self. I was starving so we grabbed a huge slice and inhaled it. it tasted kinda weird but i didn't care so i just kept eating and about 10 minutes later mt freind told me he just seen some one eat the most shrooms he has ever seen i had eaten he ate 2 pices and i ate the other 16 and i guess about close to 12 to 17 grams for my first time ever tripping about 25 minutes later the walls staredted to breath badly and there was a gigantic river on is hard wood floor and i started freakin but my freind calmed me a little we started to watch tv and it seem to have holes all over the screen and all a sudden a gigantic nome jumped on the couch and sat down next to and told me if ever stole his lucky chrams he would kill me this made me freak them he morphed into a pot of gold and rolled away i looked over at my freind and he was glowing with a bright eradesend blue color and when he would say something it would be a color smoke comming out his mouth. then I closed my eyes Damn was that a mistake i seen a gang war and i was in the middel being shoot at i emdeatly oppend them but it took what seemed like 2 hours and when i opend my eyes i could see thourg walls and my hand was change shape rapidly and there was another leperakuhn next to me but i pused him off the couch and he feel in the river and floated away then whape the world started to melt and i was floating in an abyses of colors and i couldn't understand a thing that was happening but my freinds trip was lowering and he helped me out this phase i guess but then i started to lower and was a tollerble state maybe a phase 2 or 3 when my trip was over it was like alomost the next day i glade i could of spent the night at my freinds house i never did any thing after that exsperienc it turned me away from thinking about doing any drugs at all this was my first and last and It wasn't my fault.

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