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Isn't life pretty.... first time half quarter all caps

It was a Friday night when i finally said i'm going to try shrooms tommoro.

It was a Friday night when i finally said i'm going to try shrooms tommoro.... I had been waiting for a long time and decided i would finally crack down and experience shrooms.

So two close friends and i picked up our shrooms and mowed them all down on the 5 min drive to a friends house.

We showed up at a friends house who was having a slight gathering of people, all old time friends from my town that i felt comfterable with.

I noticed my friends Oaklee and Ryan were allready starting to trip, and i was getting pissed off because i was feeling absoutly nothing ... after an hour.

So i just started to smoke weed chill and have a beer and play video games. Then all the sudden i felt like i was part of the video game, all the colours belnded togeather in swirls and i had tunnel vision .... all i could see was that damn video game.

After i have no idea how long... i got up and started to look for my 2 trip buddies... only to find them in the basement alone just trippin' and having a good time ... so i joined them and we smoked some more weed ....

i looked around the whole room and notice all the little changes ... like the laundry detergent looked like little bugs crawling around .... and if i looked at the wall long enough it would sorta look like a polar bear.

we started to look at pictures and they all became 3-D.

driving ... BIG mistake ... my friend ryan thought he was able to drive so we got in the jeep and ended up getting lost on back country roads that we had been dowm a million times .... so we parked and all i wanted to do was go play outside and enjoy the shrooms .... i kept putting my hand in puddles and looking in the side view mirrors at my face. which for some reason was like looking at my self for the first time ... every time.

that whole time in the forest i was tripping out large, i watched the whindshelid move like slime each time a rain drop hit it .... then that very rain drop would turn into a little naked fairy and fly away.

this was the point when i turned to my friend and said ... "we need to call and get more mushrooms, i never want to leave this magical world."

i was so fucked i couldnt even look an my friends messed up faces ... and i kept refering to ryan as picassao.

Then Oaklee set of the car alarm with us in it ... so i took charge and and fixed everything .... i felt totally clear headed for about 2 mins... just enough time to drive home and watch a movie and un-wind after a long crazy trip ...
anyways ... i had a fun time ... but i would recomend NOT driving on mushrooms ...

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