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Is God really an Octopus? A Level 5 Experience

Is God really an Octopus?

Is God really an Octopus?
(A Level 5 experience)

It was midnight when I decided to take the plunge. Having listened thoroughly to Terence Mckenna over the past few weeks, he has taught me that there is more to tripping on magic mushrooms than getting wasted with your friends. The fundamental idea that it isn’t a recreational pursuit, but a tool for learning and a catalyst for ideas, intrigued me.
But even stranger than this was the prospect of trying it in quiet isolation, with no music, no lights and no one around to anchor my sanity with. Based on my previous LSD experiences, the thought was terrifying. You see, LSD has a habit of turning on you and convincing you at times, there is no escape from its often menacing imagery.

So I ate 5 dried grams of Mexican Psilocybin Cubenesis.

I couldn’t believe how quickly it came on (even on previous lower doses).
Within 20minutes I had begun my ascent. I had decided to have my blue strip light on and listen to some Brian Eno for the first hour, just to get myself grounded and my mind at peace. The ceiling started to pulse like an electrical grid and I was quickly embraced by a new dimension. It was showtime! Feeling at ease with the concept of isolation in this state, I turned off the music and lay on my bed. With the aid of an American airlines eye mask, I plunged myself into blackness and isolation. But things were far from black.

The patterns and intricate geometry came on fast and I seemed to be surrounded by light and existing in an abyss of green colour. Shadows flickered in this place like people walking past me, but as I looked up they were gone. I got deeper and deeper into this constantly evolving dimension of fractal physics. Complexity at work.

I was eased into this state as if it was the most natural place to be. All I could see now were a million eyes upon me, each one a purple glow, but each independent of seeing me A guiding sense was with me and I felt constant reassurance and dare I say it, Love. I remember looking up to see the most glorious and expansive roof design, commenting aloud, “ My, such architecture!”
Now I sensed Intelligence. The strong feeling that I was not alone and far from isolated. The constant reassurance was now a being. I felt myself standing on the side of a geometric shape; I was actually touching an hallucination. At this point a shadow person came into my field of vision, partially blocking the light and without communication; I sat up and leaned forward. This being leant out and wiped away at my forehead, my third eye.

Now there was clarity, the unseen were now seen. I was now being taken to meet the boss. The maternal entity that I had sensed all along, was now allowing me to see it.
Like a child at Christmas I looked up to see the most divine thing.

It was an Octopus. The size of the universe!
Its tentacles reached out beyond my sight and each one contained millions more of eyes, each one independent, but all connected and part of the Octopus. Immediately I was transfixed by the notion that this is how the universe works and that we are all eyes on the tentacles of God! There also seemed to be a backdrop of other eyes not connected to the Octopus. A kind of council or cabinet to the Prime minister/president, if you will.
Suddenly I was curled up by the most graceful tentacle and embraced by the octopus. Never have I felt such love. I was then curled back out and let go while others were embraced. This cycle went on for a while and each time I got the Octopus’s attention I asked different questions.

On the subject of the universe I asked ‘How does this all work?’
It replied “There is only one rule……absolutely nothing!”
It continued, “You see, it’s not about the stimulus of human vision, It’s about the revolution and evolution of one’s mind.”

On the subject of death, I was shown the word DEATH, which began to melt and the voice said, “See that dissolve?....It’s about waking up!”. I was in ego loss territory now and had no idea who I was or where I was.

Whether this Octopus was the only entity I met, I’m not sure. I kept repeating the name of Jhamal Swheety for no reason, when contemplating its meaning, I was told it was the entity’s name.

I was then shown more complex geometry and an image of a thousand men each with their own thoughts displayed in bubbles, except all the thought bubbles were actually fragments of the same bubble. You see, once again the concept of a big one-ness that is fragmented into billions of individualities, was shown to me. This is the biggest psychedelic cliché that there is, that we are all one and that one is God (or Jhamal the Octopus as he likes to be known).
I was also taken through some kind of birthing process and recall existing in a womb, feeling safe,loved and in suspended animation. I also existed as mycelium growth and then grew into a mushroom itself, quite a revealing process of nature’s work!

I had been in this dimension now for 4 hours and then I quickly drifted down to normality.
I recall hoping that the afterlife wasn’t as complex as what I had just experienced. I wanted to exist in simplicity when I die, not this chaotic slipstream of ideas. I longed for normal life back and linear thinking. At that point, after being given so much insight into a new realm of physics, I longed for boredom with nothing on my mind, knowing full well that I would never really be bored again. Like a wish granted I returned to my life and feel transformed forever.
I now have a renewed enthusiasm for the human experience. I am of the opinion that the magic mushroom exists in nature precisely to do that job. Although I feel it can’t show you what life after death is all about, I think it invites you to experience the concept of eternity, freedom with no chain of command and above all, inter-dimensional travelling which is practise for the real journey yet to come, at the end of our lives.

We, as a human experience, are just as much of a trip as 5 grams of shrooms. It’s just different. Of course, try telling me that when my credit card bill comes in this week and there Isn’t ‘Jhamal the God like Octopus’, to curl me up, give me a cuddle and pay the damn bill!

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