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Into eternity

This was my first trip that happened about 2 months ago, never got around to reporting it cause I couln't put it into words for the first few weeks afterwords.

This was my first trip that happened about 2 months ago, never got around to reporting it cause I couln't put it into words for the first few weeks afterwords.
After looking all over our field me and my friend Lance only found two large shrooms. We didn't think it would do much, but boy were we ever wrong..
Once we got some OJ we headed back to his place to eat them and maybe smoke a little weed. We cut both shrooms in half and took one half from each (so if one was better we'd both get somethin). Then we chopped them into little pieces and downed it all with OJ. About 10 mins later nothing was happening so we smoked a bowl and waited a little longer. We put some chicken nuggets onto a pan and threw them in the oven cause we were starvin and then our other friend Bobby who's house we were planning on going to that night called and told us to come over. So after putting the nuggets back in the bag they were in we got in the car and left, still nothing going on (25 mins after wed taken them). On the ride over to Bobby's house we started to feel a little different and the ride seemed like it was taking a long time despite the fact that it was only about a 4 minute drive.
Once at the house we went into the den and got ready to smoke from our homeade hookah which was known for taking you to another level all on its own. About 40 minutes had passed since we took the shrooms and wasn't feeling anything more than a really clear high feeling, cept better. Once the hookah got to me I coiled up the hose like I always do and went to lite the bowl. The fire on the lighter was about 4 inches long and I didnt remember this so I burnt my eyelash.. didn't feel too good either. Lance was laughing about how bad I'd burnt it and Bobby said "no! don't tell him that!" but I wasnt really tripping at the time so it didn't really bother me. After about an hour and 15 mins the trip started to kick in and I was kicked back looking at the patterns on the wall. We were still smoking too. After being in aww for a few minutes I took my glasses off because I felt as though what I was seeing through them wasn't as real as it gets. After that it was like an explosion of patterns and I just fell over on the ground feeling good and blacked out. But my friends on the other hand said I had thrown my glasses and just fell over having convulsions. When I came to I was just chillin on the couch and my friends were like "are you alright?!?!" I had no idea of what had happened so this started to bother me. I kept asking myself "why are they asking me if I'm alright?" so then I'd ask them if I'd done anything wrong and they'd reply 'no' but would bring me water and shit so I kept thinking something bad had happened and it was my fault. Every time theyd go in the kitchen it seemed like they were running really fast so I kept thinking something bad was going on, but I never once said anything to them about the way I was thinking because I didn't want them freaking. So after everything calmed down a little they went outside while I was still just chillin on the couch looking at patterns and stuff.
Bobby came running in the den from outside and kneeled down next to me and told me to come outside cause there was a bat outside. I didn't quite understand what he had told me but figured I'd go anyways..Outside was a totally different atmosphere than inside, things seemed very clear outside and cleared my head up out of my thoughts. I had no interest with the bat and had to piss so I walked over to these trees to piss and for some reason I just changed my mind and decided to go back inside.
After chillin in the chair for a while Lance came in and I knew he was tripping real hard and I could hear music all around us and Lance started making 'Whoosh!' sounds to go with the music and we laughed for a bit. After a while, not sure how long because I had no sense of time at all, we went up stairs to bobbys room. I was chilling on the bed next to Lance and bobby was sitting on his workout bench. I had the biggest feeling of euphoria, better than rolling. It seemed like years had passed by in the room while we just talked about regular shit. I would babble about being graduated sometimes too because I really thought we had graduated because of all the time that had passed by. They were getting bored or something upstairs and were getting more worried about me again so they ran downstairs, or what seemed like running to me. While they were gone I started getting lost in my head and seeing something very weird.. It was like an endless line of film with events and lives showing in each little square. I was feeling as though I was one with everything and was experiencing everything that is all at once..come to believe I was seeing god's thoughts as thought his thoughts are everything that is. After that I sat up and had a strange sense that I was living multiple lives at once but couldn't 'zoom' in on any with my vision but could still feel them. This made me think my life here meant nothing and I am probably gonna end up staying like this for the rest of my life.
My friends 'ran' back up and handed me a sandwich, they said I threw the whole thing in my mouth and started chomping away. I spit some out onto my hand and thought I was seeing blood and mangled up mouth pieces. This is where things got very scary. They ran back downstairs after I told them I was gonna try and sleep it off. I layed down thinking I was about to die and that my friends were downstairs calling the cops and ambulance. I could hear sirens and see lights outside the window and thought there was a helicopter and everything outside because I thought they had called 911. I started to actually want death to come and felt as though it was gonna be there shortly. Death felt like sleeping and busting a nut at the same time..it felt like it kept getting closer and closer but wouldn't come. Then I started to hear a machine like music that just kept going and I felt like that music was my eternal soul that keeps going on no matter what..after what seemed like forever and a day I actually fell asleep.
I woke up feeling great as though I'd experienced soemthing nobody would wan't to go though and that it made me a stronger person inside.

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