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This was my 6th time tripping on shrooms and it was more intense than i would have expected.

This was my 6th time tripping on shrooms and it was more intense than i would have expected. I had eaten 3.5 grams every time i had tripped and had trips between level 2-3 each time. My friend told me that he had eaten 9 grams of dried mushrooms and said it wasn't that different from an 8th except for mental relization that you can only experience with this drug. I decided to eat 7 grams with my 3 friends because from what my friend told me it didn't seem very serious. I am 6'0 and weigh about 150 give or take 10. I ate the mushrooms in my friends basement while watching fear and loathing in las vegas. (this movie is primarily about an intense acid trip so it seemed appropriate.) Almost instantly my body changed from its normal state to the 'i have just eaten mushrooms' state that I was so accustomed to. After about 2 hours I had been experiencing a normal trip which I couldn't enjoy because I was annoyed with the fact that 7 grams didnt do more than 3 to me. When it had been about 2 1/2 hours, I started to walk around by myself and this is when I had an intense bottom to top peak. I had an experience that is difficult to explain, because it is pretty much indescribeable with the english language. It is almost impossible to talk about to anyone who hasn't experienced but ill try to explain. The whole time i felt almost as though I had 4 eyes, not four eyes that make my vision enhanced rather 2 different sets of eyes. One pair of eyes was having an intense trip in my friend's house. The other pair of eyes was watching myself trip and everything that i experienced, from not a body but a sort of wave that didn't exist in reality. I was waving around in my second pair of eyes and i could feel and understand all of the emotions in my chest and stomach that included confusion and the anxiety of what will happen next. I sat there for about 10 minutes I have now decided, but in the trip it seemed like an eternity. After a long time of trying to understand what was happening, i went to look in a mirror to try and understand what was wrong with my mind. This is the part i cant explain. I saw in the mirror myself as some form of something that doesn't exist as any word i know of, watching my real self experiencing mushrooms. I could see this in the mirror, but i almost felt as though i was blind and was actually seeing these images through the sense of sound. I experienced this amazing peak for a long time, until i finally began to come down and i became one person again. I then experienced normal colorful patterns on the walls and mental confusion until my trip was over. I wish i could explain in words what i experienced, but this level 5 trip is an experience i wont soon forget.

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