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Happy Again!

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Hello, this is my first trip report on the shroomery. About amonth or two ago I started a home-grown shroom kit using P. Cubensis, Thai-strain. I had done acid and shrooms alot as as a teenager and always enjoyed but didn't like how expensive and hard to get they were. I wish I had known how easy it is to grow your own back then. Anyway, I started harvesting some of my shrooms a few weeks ago (man they grow fast!) and had been drying them. For some reason i was hesitant to trip on them tho, especially by myself. i guess its because it had been so long since i'd shroomed. Well a couple of days ago me and a couple of buddies got some beer after school. We all came back to my pad to hang out and I enjoyed showing off my wonderful babies as I always do when my friends come over. I had about a fat quarter or so of dried shrooms in my fridge. While showing them to these dudes, one of them surprised me by asking for a handful. (he had not seemed too interested in shrooming before) I wanted to at least test the potency of them so I gladly handed over a nice handful of dried, crispy shrooms. (my first flush did not fruit very big ones so I basically had a shitload of small skinny ones) While he was munching down, the other dude asked for some too and being the kind generous soul that I am, I indulged him as well. I was still hesitant to do any then for some reason, or at least any kind of big dose, so i ate only a few of the little fuckers at that time. After that we just kicked it on my couch and bullshitted for a while. About a half hour later I began to feel the tell tale signs of a trip starting, like nervousness, cramps, and tingling. I was just getting hyped up to trip out when the guy driving said he was tired and had to get home to sleep before work. Good Luck! So he took off with my other friend and I was left alone to spend my first trip since I was 16 years old by myself. No worries I thought, Ill just take a few beers and ride down to the park to watch the ducks float around. By the time I got to the park and had a beer I was definitley feeling a light trip going on. I was feelin pretty good! I watched how alive and green the trees were. It seemed as if they were pulsating with life. The ducks were foraging in the grass for food and i wish i had brought some bread to feed them. I generally felt very relaxed and serene and it was a very nice low scale trip. Just then a high pressure sprinkler went off three feet in front of me! I was starting to get soaked so I grabbed my bike and took off for another part of the park. Ordinarily that might have pissed me off, but i just laughed about the whole thing. I was feeling very care-free and giddy. I kicked it in the park for another hour or so thinking sublime thoughts and then thought how fun it would be to go home and play my guitar. When I got home I immediately went to my bag of shrooms and finished off the rest of the bag! I dont know what I was hesitant about, tripping is fun as hell. I talked to my brother's girlfriend on the phone for a while and she could definitely tell I was a little fucked up. Once I got off the phone, i could really feel my trip going up a few notches. I started laughing about everything and nothing seemed to matter anymore. THe next few hours are a blur. I remember staring at myself in the mirror for about 2 hours thinking how amazing and unique I was. I cranked my guitar up and felt how Jimmy Page must have felt up on stage. I was a rock God! I danced around my apartment hooting like a lunatic! I felt like the old Indians felt when they took their trips. i WAS A warrior! Thought came flitting up in my head at light speed. Everything was amazing and beautiful and absurd. I went out to empty my garbage and ran into my tweaker neighbor. He could tell I was blown away on something and I couldn't help but tell him how hard I was frying. in fact I felt compelled to show him my mushroom box in my closet! He kept asking how I grew them and for the life of me I couldn't explain it to him. It's really very simple but I couldn't communicate it to him. it was like he was on a different planet, or didn't speak english or something. He then asked me if I wnted some speed! I was up for anything so he gave me a rock of really pure glass in a little baggy. I just laughed at it and didn't really feel like doing it, but didn;t really feel like not doing it either. It just didn't matter. Anyways, i sure was glad to be tripping again and had a nice, crazy little trip. The best part is that I can now pretty much trip any time I want, now that they're growing right in my closet!! Peace out.

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