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Well of course like everyone else, I decided to try shrooms because of all the great storys i heard about them.

Well of course like everyone else, I decided to try shrooms because of all the great storys i heard about them. So i talked to some friends that were experienced with them. They gave me a certain amount of caps and said just eat them with bread and coca cola. About 30 minutes while watching Outside Providence (I fugured it would be a good trip movie). I started noticing bright vivid colors throughout my walls and the t.v. screen. I noticed that right on the border of the TV assorted bright colors were flashing faster than you could imagine. During the period of the movie it was a happy fun trip. But once the movie was over i had to go to sleep because i had work in the morning, it was a bad descision to do it that night. So i turned out the lights and layed down. Things started getting blury and really dark. I began to see snakes and spiders and creepy shit like that on my walls. I got scared so I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. For some reason i was quite amused by mirrors at this time. My left eyebrow began to stretch down my left cheek and move along my chin on to the other side of my right eyebrow. It was the wierdest thing i had seen. So thinking that everything was fine i went back to bed. But it just got worse things got dark and blury again, and instead of snakes i began seeing goblin type figures. I couldnt move at all. I felt like i was going insane like those people in the crazy home, i began twitching and shaking as if i was a lunatic in the corner of a padded room. The all of a sudden it felt like it was forever i was in a totally different world. Like space. But there were dragons breathing fire and all kinds of midevil shit like that. It had to be the most scaryiest point in my life. I began to think i was going to die. So but it was all in my mind i couldnt talk, move, see anything in my room, i could just think and see a whole different world. I could just remember praying to god asking to get me out of this place it was all insane and just plain HELLACIOUS. Then all of a sudden out of nowheres it felt like i just woke up in a whole different place, and i was back in my room, laying in my bed. I had never been so tired in my life. So i sat up and turned on the the light, it helped a good bit. I lit a ciggarette. As I was smoking the smoke began to form into different objects such as, ships, trucks, animals, and just too many to list. It had to be the most incredible thing i had ever seen. The rest of the night i was just scared and helpless i tried telling my self "stop it!" "its going to be alright" "just fight it" but nothing worked. After that all i remember is coming back out of the same world, with tears in my eyes as if i had been crying. I dont recall getting scared and crying but it felt as if i was being punished for some reason. During the time of the "trip" i could remember thinking i would never do shrooms again. But after all the bullshit was over it was just a great, exillerating moment of my life as if i had be replemished of all my sins, and blessed. I dont regret doing it but i could not handle it constantly, but i do look forward to doing it again.

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