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insaine loong trippy trip

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....im female and 112 lbs... I had done shrooms about 5-6 times prior to this trip....but everytime previous i'd always scarf down only about 1g-2.5 gs at a time....this time was different. I had 80 bux and wanted to buy sum shroommies...besides it was my b-day, and i wanted to trip out....but i had no clue how much these mushies would wreck my brains...ihad done the same ones (i would recieve) about a week b-4..but only had half a gram..it fuct me up 4 the most part.

I got home from skool on a thursday afternoon...met up with my boyfriend, and our good friend Randy...randy was helping us find 14 gs 4 that night...he had already taken one gram of mush earlier that day. We made a call and walked impatiently to meat our mush dealer....i got my 14 gs, and contently walked to a park with my b.f and friend... We sat at a bench, and smoked sum buds...then began to eat our mushies....usually i just shove them in my mouth and chew...i gave my friend 3 grams...gave my b.f 7-8 grams, and scarfed down 5 -5.5 grams 4 myself ....BIG mistake..1stly i had barely eaten nething that day...i had one slice of toast in the morning, and a sandwich around 12 in the afternoon...and right now it was already about 3:00~!!at first i had feelings of wonder, and anxiety..myabe because i was excited 4 the mush to kik in...about 30 minutes l8er the feelings came intense...i had a horrible stomach ache, and felt as though i wanted to puke up all the shrooms...i also saw a modest amount of visuals which werent yet intense... at this point my mind was going crazy...i anxiously sat down then stood back up,i coulnd't decide wut the hell i wanted to do...at one point i told my boyfriend that i needed 2 be alone, but he convinced me not to leave...at this point i started feeling a strange feeling at the back of my head. It felt like seeping blood flowing rapidly down the back of my head beneath my skull...everytime this feeling hit me, i felt weak, and unable to feel my body...But i dealed with the feeling..my b.f smoked me up, but i still couldnt calm down. We finally decided to leave. At this point my b.f just finished chewing his mush, and he was feeling fine. My friend R was also feeling the effects. Just when i thought it could not get nemore intense, i started laughing 4 no reason..Giggiling over stupid lil things. This made my b.f and friend laugh, since they didnt understand why the hell i was howling so much.

The negative feeling at the back of my head came back again, and this is when things started getting really intense..my vision totally distorted...things appeared brighter, and almost as if they had a fuzziness affect!! I started to become confussed, and unaware of civilization. I started drifting off in my own little world..and noticed that nuthin would satisfy me..I would ask 4 my b.f to give me his headphones, but as soon as i got them i didnt want to listen to music...i started lossing feeling in my body...and felt as though my legs could walk 4 ever and ever.... I totally lost myself..all i remember thinking wuz..."fallow ur b.f and ull be safe". The feeling in the back of my head intensified every 2 minutes...It was driving me nutz!!!also my stomach was feeling naseaus !!!

we ended up making it to this guy seans house..we talked to him on his porch 4 a lil bit...by this point i felt like my brain was going insaine...i was thinking unbelievably. My brain wouldnt stop throwing thoughts in to my head,these thoughts were practically bout everything, and nething ...i kept thinking to myself "my head, my head" so i sat on a bench, but was anxious and no longer could sit...I tried to tell my b.f that i couldnt be here nemore...i hated the atmoshpere...i was sitting at another park..it bored me...it seemed that everytime i went to tell my b.f to leave no one heard me...maybe it was cuz my b.f just started trippin, and started laughing unstoppably...we finally left, and Randy invited us to his house 4 a bit, so my b.f could use the bathroom, and R could roll a smoke....i followed, and tried to calm myself. but the negative feeling in my skull, ruined any possitive feelings i felt...we eneterd his house, and both his grandparents were home.my b.f enetered the bathroom, and i fallowed r... we enetered his upstairs chillin living room... I sat smack in the center of his couch. R stood at his desk trying hard to roll a cigarette, but kept screwing up...we started laughing unstoppably...i never seen him laugh so hard...At this point the stomach ache dissapeared and all i felt was that negative feeling on my head, and saw intense colours...

All of a sudden the buzz enhanced...Just when i thought that things couldnt level up nemore, they started to..i guess i was reaching my peak..because all of a sudden insaine visuals started poping up everywhere....i asked R if he was experiencing, and seeing wut i was ..and he said yes... all 4 of his walls were heavily breathing, including his ceiling and his floor...his garbage can was growing, and shrinking, and so was everything in the room excpet 4 R....his posters were rippling, and everything was just intensly moving, breathing, rippling, and shaping.. this lasted 4 about 10 straight min... R and I were just rambling to eachother about how fuct up our visuals were...my b.f finally came upstairs, and at this point he was tripping out...he alleged that he had seen a towel in R's bathroom that smiled at him...my b.f also saw the intense visuals...finally we started to exit...at this point i was so fuckin lost...i was visually hallucinating like a mo fo, this negative feeling of blood beneath my skull was pouring out now more then ever, i couldnt make up my mind, and felt confussed....i understood that this was my trip, and only i could control it and change it...

My b.f and R took a little long to exit the house, but me, i couldnt be around his grandmother, i was way to fuct up...so i sat outside on the side walk...I chose to sit on the ledge that i had once sat on when i tripped on xtc...I remember feeling calm, on xtc, and now i was feelin really messed up...my b.f, and r exited the house, and walked with me. we met up with a girl named amy... The visuals werent as intense now as they were b-4..I remember telling amy about the insaine hallucinations, but wut ever i said to her afterwards is oblivious cuz i cant even remember...I remember walking with them to see sum other chick... i remeber seeing civilization but not even really noticing them as ppl...the only ppl i knew about were those around me associating with me...crossing the street was weird, all i could hear were cars, and they confussed me....at this point my body wasnt to energized, but i felt as though my legs could work 4 ever, and ever. My body also felt as though it was melting which was another feeling i had felt earlier in Rs room. I sat on another curb with R ,and my b.f . Amy called on sum chick "M"...at one point i closed my eyes, and then when i opened them hundreds, and hundreds of lip gloss sticks (lip smackers) started poping up infront of my face.. it was messed up, it felt like sumthing that would happen on acid, not mushies!! i told my b.f about it, and he called me a crackhead then smiled...i believe at this point the 7 gs were making him trip out...

Everytime the feelings at the back of my head would happen (which was like evry 1 min) i would think bout the end of my peak..when all the shity confussed feelings would vaporize into thin air...It was hard though cuz at this point i was experiencing; visuals, body melting, negative head feelings, and time passing by EXTREMELY slow...so i thought to myself. "this trip is never gonna be fuckin over"....i would look at my watch thinking 20 minutes went by when really it was only one!!! then at this point my vision got really destorted...cloud like mist (sumthing u'd see in a dream) started 2 grow...i felt like i was in a dream land, melting, & confussed...

we got up and left, to go to another park where other ppl were...by this time it was atleast an hour and 30 min from when i started trippin out (but 4 me it felt like 6 hours)...as we walked to the park. I looked down at sum grass...It started poping out and giving a 3D effect...I looked away ,& thought to myself "this is not happening" i looked again.& realized that it actually was happening. So i turned my head,& remained walking. The terrible feelings at the back of my skull had not yet went away. they had been w/ me ever since the begining of my trip...I remember constantly telling ppl about this feeling...and yet still i felt that i was the only one who could control myself, from going insaine, or passing out.

I saw one of my friends "T" who told me that i looked extremely pale...so by this point i start panicking...Thats the last thing u say to sumone trippin out on shrooms... i was very pale,and my pupils were extremely dilated enormeously!!! i looked at "t" and she could hear the panick in my voice...My b.f then came, and helped the situation he said to me "honey ur always pale" this calmed me...
As i walked closer, and closer to the park the harsh feeling at the back of my head seemed to deminish...it was strange...the melting in my body, the head rushes, the visuals, the confussion, and clouds all seemed 2 disappear ever so gradually..I liked this feeling..i felt comfortable, and at ease with myself...I think it was the peak of this trip that really got to me...The only thing that stayed with me (practically unitill the next morning) was the fuzziness, and strangeness of the sky, and sceneory...especially the sky which seemed extremely different..(to sum degree i guess)

at this point i became very blunt, and many ppl found me quite humorous...my b.f was trippin out hard, but reported that he felt no bad feelings at the baq of his head...we felt very connected and sumwut on a different level..we've been going out 4 about a year, and 7 months at this point, and felt very connected to eachother...we smoked sum more buds, & 4 the most part felt excellent...R had been fuct up he also took extacy that night...he ended up being okay.... it was a messed up trip full of surprises...even now i cant explain that negative feeling. If i didnt have that horrible feeling at the back of my head i would have had a more possitive trip...my b.f figures it was the pcylicbin poisining me.

I would love to do shrooms again, but maybe next time only 3 gs... my b.f is crazy,& takes like 8 gs at a time..which i dont recomend..but i guess this was an interesting experiance...the trip didnt go away till the next morning.But that night i took another gram...fuct me up royally...
well i guess thats the end since that was a big ass long trip report..if u had an experiance close to mine write about it i would love to read it...

***AciD GirL...****

loves shroomies

North Spore
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