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Inner Peace and Hellish Eternity

I'd only tripped somewhere between a level three and four before, until one day when my boyfriend and I decided to go the woods to munch some shrooms.

I'd only tripped somewhere between a level three and four before, until one day when my boyfriend and I decided to go the woods to munch some shrooms. At first it was definitely what I was used to, pretty strong visuals--but I knew I was on a drug and could keep a sane mind. Then I began to feel sick, puked, and started tripping so intensely that it's pretty safe to say I had a psychotic experience.
The forest started to literally disappear, and I felt like I was being taken away from earth to like another dimension. Everything became white around me, and I couldn't tell how big or small I was, or if I was moving or not. Finally, I could see again, and told my boyfriend that we should go sit in my car by the road, and get the hell out of the woods. I could barely walk and kept thinking I was stuck. I didn't feel like myself at all. I lost most of my memory and I kept wondering where I was. It was raining and I began to wonder if I was in the rainforest.
It's incredibly intense to forget who you are. I felt nearly as though I'd been born again, and was having to learn how to walk, speak, and even breathe again. I kenew I had a family--but the memories felt so far away that I was convinced they had happened in my past life. I saw my car, and was like "That's not my car. That's a girl's car that I knew a long time ago." It was soooo weird!
When we sat in the car, we put on Lord of the Rings music, and let me tell you that this part of the trip was the best feeling I've ever had. The trees morphed according to the music and I felt as though I was seeing Lord of the Rings right in front of me. I was pretty damn sure I was in heaven, since I was seeing the most beautiful faiy and elf figures appear in the trees. Suddenly, I began to feel so happy that I could barely stand it. I've done E before, but unbelieveable--this was better. I knew the meaning of life, I thought. I could forgive people I hated---I thought I was god! I thought I was in heaven and that I was god. I felt like I was absolutely perfect, that I could fly, and that I could do anything I wanted. I told my boyfriend that if I died at that moment I would have been completely happy. I found peace. Tranquility.
But then a truck pulled up to our car, and that kind of ruined everything. We went back into the woods, rain and all, and I really started feeling like shit. Suddenly I felt like life was a meaningless cycle. I felt like eternity was way too long and that I couldn't stand being like this much lnoger. I wasn't sure if I would ever feel normal again. I didn't know how to drive anymore--I could barely even walk. I waited it out though in the rain, and eventually came down.
Here's my reccomendation--try as hard as you can to level five trip. You'll get visuals you believe are real, and you'll come up with ideas that you'd never think of in your sane mind. You won't feel the same way about these ideas when you come down, but you'll remember them and hopefully work towards feeling as great as you did at the time. Any trip bellow this is really just a taste of what a real live trip is--in my opinion. Do it at least once--it is worth it... The good and the bad.

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