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Incubus Shrooms

All magic mushrooms will take your mind into a fantasy ride, but after eating ones that are chosen by Incubus, you might want to hang on tight.

All magic mushrooms will take your mind into a fantasy ride, but after eating ones that are chosen by Incubus, you might want to hang on tight.

About 9:05 am in the mourning, I hear my local radio station saying that theyre giving away backstage passes to meet the shroom fanatic band... Incubus. Well lady luck decided to fuck me good and what do you know... I was caller "X"!. They hooked me up with two backstage passes to meet the band Incubus and two floor tickets for my friends. One of my friends said it would only be right if I went shroom'n to meet them, but my dealer was out of town so I said "Fuck it!" I bought a qtr of decent dank, and a 1/5 of Everclear and called it good.

After downing about 8 shots of the beasty vodka and some bong rips, off I whent to meet Incubus. When I got there I thought about it for a minuite and realized I was stoned out of my mind and my eyes looked liked they were dipped in red color dye so I headed to Cheveron for visense ( just in case a stupid rent-a-cop decided to be a dick and turm me in). I then ran back to the concert hall (about 2 blocks from Cheveron) and to my suprise, though I was late... Incubus hasn't shown up yet. turns out, their mgr came out saying that they had a ritual before every concert (gee... I wounder what they do?). Finaly out comes Brandon (singer) and Jose (drummer) with cheezy smiles saying how their sorry for being late, but "had to take care of buisness". Then out comes comes Mike (guitar) and Dirk (bass) nearly out of breath. I remember that neither of them had red glossy eyes, but seemed like they were spacing out. I asked Brandon if he was on some kind of cubensis when he wrote "Wish you were here". He started rambling about his pylosiphy of feeling good in a distant world. I think he meant to say he was fucked off shrooms.

9:30pm. The opening band 30 Seconds To Mars is ending and prop directors are running back and forth, setting up the stage for Incubus (by the way, Incubus, me and some other people with backstage passes were chilling in their room at this time) when some dick security guard told us to go back to the front of the stage, due to security procedures. Being the rebel I am, I pulled a quick one and headed towards the other side of the stage where 3 guys in buisness clothes were chatting at. ( I'm assuming they were the bands mgrs) I stayed there and told them that I was part of security for them (dumbasses bought it too!). Thats when I see Brandon talikng to this guy, then hears the crowd rooting (IN-CU-BUS! IN-CU-BUS!) so he shakes his hand and leaves towards the stage to open the act. Curious, I went to this guy Brandon was talking to just say whats up and who was he. All he said was "you too? well.. here you go bud, enjoy!"

It was a fluffy bag full of big stems and caps.

I was already stoned as all hell, but when somebody hands you about a qtr of some of the ferocious looking shrooms youv'e ever seen, I doubt youll' pass up this oppritunity!
I figured that this guy who gave this to me was probably the bands dealer so these must be phenomanal. With so much excitement that my hands were shaking, I downed the bag as fast as i could without any food.

Oh my god..... about 20 minuted later I seriously knew that I was in for it. Time to go watch the show!

For anybody that has went to the Incubus Mourning View Tour, you'll know that the band had quite a visual show, thus with that in mind, you know I had to be tripping balls. On the song "Make Yourself" they had visuals of Brandon's skeleton running in awkward directions, breaking apart, splitting in 2,3,4,5 ... shit! the crowd had fun watching these visual effects, while I was wigging out. To me, I could have swore that those damn skeletons of Brandons were jumping off the stage and disinigrating into thin air. Then they play "Steller" and show visuals of the galaxy and space. I knew I was spacing out in space, but these damn shrooms made me feel like if the crowd was aboard a spaceship and 4 aliens (Incubus) were aboard another ship using their wepons (instruments) to lure the crowd in a chaotic frenzy (crowd surffing and mosh pits) Other songs Like "Privlege" and "Warning" had phycadellic effects that awed the audience, but made me feel that over and over again I was being sucked into Time warps that lead me to stange worlds. When they played "Clean", bright flashes of green and aqua lazers made everyone wounder what the hell Brandon was thinking. Well when you eat the shrooms that Brandon eats, the scenarios are endless. To me, it felt like if Brandon was sending a subliminal message from an unknown world where "dirty words came out clean", To Brandon, god knows what the hell he was thinking. On "Pardon Me", it showed visuals of electric bodies that morphed into balls cumbusting constantly and simutaniously. I felt like if the crowd and I were shrunk down to the size of the nucleus of an atom, screaming with much force to make the atom cumbust for no apparent reason, then grow back to normal size to watch it explode (that explains the bright flashes during the song... to me it was an explosion, not strobe lights). The concert seemed to be over, so I headed back stage again to personaly thank them and their dealer for a great show on a phenomenal experience. When I got back stage, Brandon and Mike were comming off the stage, sweaty as hell saying they hoped they put on a great show for our town. All of a sudden the crowd is screaming "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE" Then Mike tells me that the crowd seems way wild, even after the show, so he says he is going to test them.

He hits a guitar string and the crowd goes wild.

It felt like if Mike denotated a bomb and near by creatures (audience) went hostile from the sound. Thats when he smiles and says it was nice meeting you to me, then takes off to do one last song. I was already convinced that the security gates to the front were breathing gates of hell, so I decided to go to the side of the stage, just enough where I was on the stage but could see the visual effects that Incubus had for the final act. The last songs they played were "Mexico", then the finale, "Echo". During "Mexico", Brandon was on a plateu, while he seemed to blend in through the landscapes. To me, I felt like if I traveled to the vast places on Earth to appreciate the nature. Then "Echo" came on and boy... oh boy...

The visual could fuck with your mind... even if you were SOBER!

The visual showed a glimpse here and there of a mushroom world. Even to this day, it's hard to explain what the hell I was thinking, but you could imagine what I was thinking of living in this phycadellic shroom world. After the show, I figured that I was too fucked to drive, so I had a chic friend who I had sex with at a previous pary take me home. Even sex that night felt like if I was probing an innocent creature (funny how the definition of INCUBUS blends with my concept). To this day I don't know what kind of shrooms those were that I got from Brandon's "dealer", all I know is if you get the chance to shroom with Incubus or hook up with their dealer... WARNING! YOU WILL LOSE TOUCH WITH REALITY! I know I did!

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