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In The Now.........

its me dakotah again.

its me dakotah again. i wrote nice day after work, and i ate a half quarter oz of mushrooms 2 hours ago, took a hit of acid, and smoked a joint a couple of min ago. im trippin bad, and have to ssshare.
im gonna be peakin very soon i think.... :0)

theres a rug on the living room floor an da couple of minutes a go i went to sit down. i ran my fingers through the fibres, and closed my eyes. it felt so soft and beautiful, shrooooomery fans. unbelivable. i, for what seemed like hours, reached to the coffee table to grab the remote for my stereo. the table is normally a dark brown. but the colour of it right now, is so bright, and alive. the patterens are pulsating, and moving....like its alive.

i just turned on the stereo for some KoRn....usually i have to be in a mood for kOrN, because im more of a raver. now, here to stay is on. have u ever listened to the lyrics? my god, just listen. it's beautiful, and we need to change
our society, and the way we think, i think. or maybe im just fucked up? im on a laptop, and i just layed down for what seemed like lightyears. it was only 10 min. omg, im gonna peak now my friennnnzz...soooon.

the amazing little specks on the celing are nodding at the music, like they are little groovin people trapped inside little stucko dots. oh poor things. i wish i could free them. then they could be one with the music as i am. as it is pulsing around my head as we speak. black, and grey and white little swirls, like smoke. i wonder if maybe it coming from my trapped dotted souls on the celing? is it possibe that it is their messaage? they want to come down and dance with me. just like a little family. amazing....i just had to sit an close my eyes, and take in the beats. underneith my eyelids, there is a beating feeling. like my brain wants to come out and play with the dots. maybe it wants to dance too?

i was just looking at my hand, and i could see every litle vein, and flake of skin, and even little beads of sweat. its beautiful. looking up at the celing, im noticing these strange and shifting patterns..theyre changing to great feilds or reds and greens and purples. i have my older brother in the next room and im trying to call out to him and explain the bbeauty of it all....but my words are comming out soggy and wet and tasting of the colours. wow, this is the most maraculous trip i have ever been on. ever.

i keep thinking and thinking about what my bro is watching. he is on torpedoes, and watching sum religoius show, and laughing hystericlly. all i can do is laugh. and laugh.
!!!! all my thoughts are swirling into one another, and im trying to tell my bro whos 20, his name is Johnny, what im thinking. as i dont even know what that is. my mind is being blown away by this show. and im so confused. trains of thought keep appearing between each word. the mixed up music has got johnny thinking and intertwing with the music. hes, or no one in my house, is religoius enough to watch this. so why are we?

sitting here thinking about if theres a god. is there really? someone pleese tell me. if you talk to him, tell him to give me a shout. i can talk to him as well. because i think ive found the perfect and true and origional language used by adam and eve. its like, so beautiful and great. almost like, o i cant even explain! im trying to tell my brother, but what im saying has little to do with what im really thinking. i cant even type it. talk to god, hell understand me, if there is a god.

wow, this music thats now on the tv, is some classical shit, and johnnys passionatly into the show. i can close my eyes, and the music absorbs me physiclly. i can smell it and touch it and see it as well. never has anything been so beautiful. god damn! this whole fucken trip is just beautiful!

im part of every intrument. each note has a character, shape, and colour of its very own and yet seemed to be completly seperate from the rest of them. i can just consider the relationship with the composition before the next note sounds. my mind is possesing the wisdom of the ages, and yet there are no words adequite enough to describe them. i am now looking at a magazine on the coffee table. and i can see it in a 100 dimentions. oo, its just so terribly gorgeous that i have to close my eyes, i cant stand the sight.

its good i can type with my eyes closed.

immideatly i am floating through another sphere, another world, another state. things are rushing away from me, i can no longer hear the music. but are rushing towards me. the tick-tock-tick of the keyboard sounds like clicking water sounds. dripping little clicks. they are so loud. all around me. its taking my breath away somewhhat like a drop in a fast elevator. o my gosh......i cant even tell wahts real and whats unreal. am i the table, or that book, or this computer? or am i part of all of them? but you just dont notice it sometimes? it doesnt really matter, for whatever i am, i am wonderful.

my senses are so up, that i can hear my nest door neighbour breathing. someone down the street is making jello. i can smell it....orange and lime jello....what a completly new world im in. i just found some sort of strenght to slide on the floor to my brother, and he smiled so dazed, and hugged me. there is so much love in the room now. its red an pink, and there are small purple butterflies sometimes. it all means love. i just put on alice in wonderland. after about 10 minutes into it, i cant help but wonder if carol G. lewis was on drugs too. she has a beautiful and creative mind. like einstien. sorry, that lewis G. carroll.

earlier, as i am remebering now, i danced wildly. it was like riding on a rocket into the milky way. i felt great. free, abandoned, a different, improved, perfected specimen, in a great, different, improved, perfected species. wow, thats deep man. fucken maraculous. i have a sheepskin rug, and i was just walking through the thickness of it and there was a sensation in my feet that was totally undescribable, a softness that took over my entire body. and wonderfully, i could hear the strange, almost silent sound of the long silky hairs rubbing against my feet an eachother.

wow, i just ate a salted peanut. it was the saltiest thing i have ever tasted!! my liver and splee and organs are now corroded with salt. i had to sit here a few minutes and laugh in a totally unhuman way. the whole world and its secrets belong to me. i know the cia. everyone in the whole universe is mad except for me. somewhere im my brain, i remember hearing that a thousand years with man is a day with an angel, with god, if there is one. i have found the answer. even now in my new time length living the space of a thousand trillion men in the space of hours....

Okay, it took me 4 hours to write that. And I kept it on all night, and tripped with Johnny. Now a day later, after reading that, I realise just how out of it I was. Thank you for taking all that time to read it. Please email me if anyone wants to chat or share trips. ***maryjane420rox@yahoo.com***
Love always, Dakotah xoxoxo


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