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In the middle of the street grabbing the stars

it all started at canyon lake,we had a nick of some bud and about 6 or 7 grams of shroomies.

it all started at canyon lake,we had a nick of some bud and about 6 or 7 grams of shroomies. we went to a spot we had always gone to everytime we went to canyon lake. it was me my friend sam and his nephew rolo. we smoked a few bowls and the last bowl was laced with the left over spores left in the bag after we seperated the three different pairs of two doses. we each had about two fat doses.we were trippin of that bud and went back to the camp site.we kicked it for a while. we couldnt wait any longer so we went down by the lake to smoke another bowl.then we started eating and drank orange gaterade.we wanted to smoke more so we started walking into the darkness dowwn a road. which we would unexpectedly walk around 3 or 4 times. by the time we started walking our bodies felt like intergalatic waves pulsated from our heads to feet. within ten minutes we were tripping hard. harder then ever.we pulled out cigarretes i smoked mine and was finished and then noticed that my friend was incapable of even lighting his own so i took it and started smoking it he got mad and stole it back.we stopped to smoke a bowl but it was really hard to get it lit becuase of the wind. we had my friends younger nephew with us at the time and he was getting scared of us because of our trip so he left. we started walking and we would stop and just trip off every thing.somebody said something and i started laughing nonstop. the next day they said that i was walking around in a circle making weird noises,i thought i was just laughing. guess not. we kept seeing stars on the floor we thought it was coke but it wasnt. we ended up back by the lake. we looked down at what we were standing on and to us they were skulls trying to eat us but they were just rock formations.again we walked around the road ended up on the floor explaining to each other that the stars and the nights sky was our home and mother earth wouldnt let anything happen to us,being in the middle of the street in the woods.trying to grab the stars we reached for the sky. got up and ended up on the other side of the road near the lake with people right next to us but we didnt know how we got there. looking like crazy drugged out weirdos we laid on our sides explaining how we felt like we were hanging off the side of the earth.after we had our adventure we ended up in our tent three people in a little ass tent our legs sticking out then my friend sam started tripping hard. went into a bad trip scared of his parents or something. telling us all to go to sleep. rolo went to get sodas and he chased him down to the car cussing at him and brought him back. we sat there for a while by the picknik table recollecting what happended.

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