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in the DAM.....

A couple of months ago i was in amsterdam with some friends.

A couple of months ago i was in amsterdam with some friends. after a long day of of coffeeshop touring, we decided to buy some shrooms. we had a thai variety, very nice. we went back to the hotel with an assortment of junk food and about five different types of hollands wonderful weed. about 30 minutes after eating the shrooms an inmense sense of happiness overwhelmed me. the walls started to breath, an the images on the tv were melting and sliding out of the tv. i started to feel as if my body extended into infinity, and everytime i moved my hands a new finger poped out. when i stood up i felt as if i was about 50 feet tall. i felt as if the universe was around me, and i felt like a fourth dimension existed and sorrounded me...something i cannot explain. later on, my fingers expanded like rubber, and nothing around me made sense, i felt as if no one could hear or understand what i was trying to say, or the ideas i was trying to convey. at some point during the trip a strange human like figure appered in the room, and i thought it was god....abviously not, but it was cool hanging out with "god" for some time in amsterdam. everytime i closed my eyes i saw figures and ideas, like a million a second. at one time i looked at my legs and they looked like grasshopper legs, really cool. the other parts of the room looked as if it was an aquarium full of water, and my friends were like actors in a movie or something. i dont know how much time went by, but i finally felt asleep, and woke up the next morning, with the same amazing happy feeling i was feeling the ight before, and some flashbacks of feeling 50 feet tall. overall it was an amazing trip, and really beatiful. have a great time next trip, and say hi to "god" for me!

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