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In a total different world

In August this summer me and my friends (i will call them Mr.

In August this summer me and my friends (i will call them Mr.D, Mr.H, Mr.B) decided to shroom. Me and Mr.B who have done alot of drugs decided to take 6g dried Mr.H and Mr.D never done any psyhocative drugs other then weed. Theyve done plenty of pills and etc.They took 3g each. It was a boring night with nothing to do. At about 8pm we started munching the shrooms with bananas as we all hate the bad taste of it. About 8:20pm we deceided to go to the petrol station to buy a soft drink and some cigarettes. About quarter way there i was feeling a strange tingle feeling and i was abit dizzy. Mr.B didnt feel anything at all. Half way there Mr.H and Mr.D was laughing about something very loudly. They were 10 meters ahead of us. They also were walking all over the place into gardens and shit and it was pretty damm funny and Mr.B and I were amused by this. Its about 8:35 and Mr.B is feeling the shrooms kicking in at this time my trip was starting. We cought up with Mr.H and Mr.D tho we were stopping every 5 meters for some reason.Mr D was tripping his ballz off by this time as he was laying against a brick wall we were all laughing at him as how can someone get so fucked up and say stupid things like he did. We finally arrived at the petrol station i wanted to buy some drink as we were all thirsty but when i did that suddenly i felt like i was drifting it was very cool. As i wanted to pay i accedently droped some money and everyone laughed at me as they new i was tripping ballz by this time. We headed back to Mr.B place then suddenly Mr.D said why dont we go to our other friend? We all agreed to go to his place our friend has never done any shrooms but Mr.D wants to let him know how good he feels so we walk to his place. When we got there Mr.H knocked on the window but no body answered. We were all tripping madly and laughed so much for no reason. I suddenly yelled hey theres someone home ohh no thats you Mr.H and then everyone laughed again madly. My friends mom came out by this time it could have been about 9pm. We asked her if our friends home and sadly he wasnt. We talked to her for about 10 minutes dont ask what i dont know i was just laughing all the time. So we headed back to Mr.B-s place and went up the stairs to his place. We went inside and i looked in the mirror and shit we were all tripping madly. We sat down at a table Mr.B put in some Psychill music man that music is so cool when tripping.Mr H and Mr.D went out to the balcony to smoke Mr B followed them as he only smokes when tripping:) I went to the toilet and that was when i really started to trip. The walls breathed my hands changed colors and the toilet flusher turned into a dragon no kidding:) i went back to sit down to the table to get my thoughts straight man i was tripping i felt like i was in tribe it was cool:) I headed out to the balcony and when i stepped out it was like i stepped into another world it was very cool.Mr H and Mr D were laughing all the way. Mr D sat down on a log as he was tripping very insanly later i found out there was no log only a chair:)anyway Mr.H yelled out loud hey Mr.D you look like a shaman:) We all laughed very hard he really did look like one:)To be honest Mr.D wasnt planing to trip that night he only came into the city to buy some cigars and some chips for his sister as he lives at a farm. He ended up tripping ballz thanks to us:) We all went back into the room and whoa into another world again it was very cool:) I sat down to the table and Mr.H and Mr.D sat on the bed Mr B was sitting at the computer. I suddenly felt i was detached from my body and i could see my self sitting at the table i looked around and the walls were all yellow and shining. Mr D couldnt bear the 3g and didnt want to trip more he was shouting turn off the music and asking how can i stop the trip. Man ive never seen him like this. Later he admitted to us that he thought we gave him somekind of a poisenes shroom or something and we all laughed at him:) We tripped all night we were watching pictures on the computer i remember earlier that i was watching a tile for about half an hour and man i cant describe it like i was traveling through a tile:) In the moring about 5am we sat outside on a bench and watched the grass and insects move that was fun too:)We were all very tired and wanted to get some rest so we went home. I was riding my bicylcle and it looked like it was from the 60's:)) We i got home i stopped in front of my house and looked at it. It was pink and green originaly its a white house:)Man this is strange im not that sure its my house it looks very odd but after about 10 minutes i realised that it was really mine:) The next day i slept for 14 hours and woke up in a very good mood. All in all this was one of my best trips and i had to write it down.And sorry for any spelling english isnt my native language.

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