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one day i was with two friends and we planed on taking shrooms 1.

one day i was with two friends and we planed on taking shrooms 1.5 grams each where I'm from this is more than what we should be taking for are first time. anyway on the Day we did them we ate them in a burrito. We left my friends house and went to the nearest park when we arived at teh park we still didnt get the buzz so we had another firend with us that wasnt on it(sober) so he tried to tell us jokes to get teh buzz going we laughed but it wasnt realy because of the shrooms. when he was telling jokes i started seing funny an dtold my firneds but they didnt beleive me.We finally came across seing things in the sky and i saw zeus at that point but it wasnt "The Buzz" we chilled in this chapel thingy at the park and thast when it got to us:D. we felt so stupid laghing for nothing we felt like retards(literally). when the buzz was over my friends told me i looked exactly like a handicap.

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