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Im worried

Well tonight I dosed on some B+ with a friend.

Well tonight I dosed on some B+ with a friend. We only dosed about 2 grams each, maybe less. I dont know the exact weight because they were not totally dry. Weighed 7 grams and still had a lil moisture left. It looked like an 8th to me. ANYWAYS!

We much on them, and what not. Shoot the shit for a few minutes. About 10 minutes after eating I start feeling a lil something. This is only my second time tripping so I am like "Ok, im bout to see some shit", not knowing what lay ahead(My first trip was only level 1). So another 10-20 go by and I start feeling this strong feeling comming over me. I couldnt sit still. My stomache was hurting a bit and I was getting really hot. I knew something was wrong right away because it just didnt feel right. My friend was saying how he just felt drunk. I left, I couldnt take it. I had to move. I said later and I left. I went outside and boom the trip hit me.

I started walking along the side walk. I was looking at the trees and they were moving a bit, but there was a breeze so I didnt think much of it. Houses had a purpleis tint to them, wasnt sure what was going on. I just kept feeling this urge to move. Finally a car drives by, and that just memorized me. The lights comming at me were awesome. They were of an Audi, so they had a really blue tint(Or atleast I think). Anyways the car finally passed and I started looking at the street lights. I stopped and sat on a porch and staired at the ground. It was like a river, just flowing along. There was some sand weaving in and out. I staired at this for a few minutes then got up and started walking. I turned off my first friends street onto the next street. I started to lose my sense of where I was. I recognized the area, but I thought I had already walked by his house. I knew I hadnt though, but did I? Naw. I finally get there and he wasnt there. So I sit on his stairs and wait.

My friend has an old chevy beretta. It has been in his park space for almost 2 years now just sitting there. The paint was chipping away bad. Objects around me started to really move, and breath. My friends car started to breath, almost like it was bouncing. The paint chips were swirling around, making some very cool designs. The path imbetween his car and the house started to really narrow in. This sent me into a kind of panic because I am a little chlostraphobic. I kept watching the car, it was starting to breath heavier and heavier. The paint chips were taking over the whole car. Swirls all over the place. I had enough of it and had to move. I went in his house and paced around. My friend only keeps one light on while he is gone or sleeping, the bathroom light. I really started to lose it inside of here.

I walked into his living room, pitch dark. Saying his name, asking if he was here. I looked in his bedroom, and I saw the bed was a mess. I could barely make it out, my mind was starting to take over. I wasnt sure if he was sleeping or not. I walked up and said his name a few times and touched the bed. Okay, no one there. I checked his kids room, no one there either. So I turn on the TV so I can see, then it really hit me. The lights and colors came all at me. I was zoned right into the tv. It started to really freak me out. I sat on his couch, because my body became really tired from moving around so much. I felt really drunk, but I had not drank anything sept some OJ. I closed my eyes, and all I saw was colors flying at me. I started spinning, which made me feel sick. I went back outside because I had to move. I sat back on the porch and watched the car. I was starting to really get freaked out. I wasnt feeling to well at all, and was totally out of it. I must of walked up into his house and back onto his porch atleast 5 times. I needed to go home.

I picked up his phone, and dialed my house. I must of dialed the number and hung up atleast 10 times before I was sure I had it right. My girlfriend answered, and sounded like she was sleeping. I told her where I was, and that I was not feeling well. She answered with "Your at Charlies house already? It has only been a hour". I told her that I was going crazy, and was having a bad trip. She was pissed and we hung up. I went back outside and just couldnt take it. I called her up again and said that I needed a ride home. It took her what seemed like a life time to get there. We only live about 2 miles from eachother so I was expecting 10 minutes max. The phone rang atleast 3 times before she got there, and the time seemed like forever. I never answered the phone, and after each time it stopped ringing, I called my house to see if it was her. I was pacing back and forth from my friends living room to his kitchen. I just could not stop moving and thinking that I am not going to be okay. That maybe there was a bad contam in my growing. She finally got there.

I walk outside, and see the car. I start laughing out of no where and dont know why. I get in the car and we drive off. She started driving and it seemed like she was driving so damn fast, when she was doing maybe 35. The road was comming at me full force. I was so zoned into it, along with the cars comming at me. I thought with each car that came, we were definatly gonna collide. The street lights amazed me as we passed by one after another. The windshield started to fog, and then the fog started swirling. We finally get home and we go upstairs into our house.

By now my body is totally spent. I have almost no feeling in my body. I just feel like a limp noodle. I sit in my favorite rocking chair and just MELT right into it. I start rocking, and panicing. My girlfriend knew I was not feeling to well, and made a joke about "death". This sent me for a spin. My thoughts about the bad contam kept comming, I was so scared. I was rocking back and forth trying to explain how I feel to her. I would tell her something, then stop mid sentance and mumble some stuff. It was like we were holding ten conversations at once. I would say something then stop, then forget what I was saying. The room kept getting smaller and I started to lose sense of where I was. I kept telling her, "Im worried". She was wearing a Tie-Dye, which was really amazing to look at. Every so often we would joke, then I would reply with "No im serious, im worried", and start talking about other things again. I tried to explain so many things to her I lost track myself. I got really cold and she wrapped me in her bath robe, since our blanket in our bedroom was cold from having the fan on all night(Drying more mush! =D). I was so tired all this time, and kept trying to stay awake. I felt if I fell asleep, I would never wake up. I wanted to fight it! Stay awake, let it out of my mind, and beat it! I was just so damn tired, I felt like I had no strength in me at all, I was just melted into my chair.

I finally started to come out of the bad trip state, and really enjoyed things. We were laughing and joking, and objects really were starting to morph together. I played with my hands a little bit and kept rocking. This "Feeling" I had had from the beginning was really bugging me. I finally stretched my arms forward and made the tightest fist and muscle I could, and it all went away. No more of that "Body buzz". The rest of the night we laughed and joked about my two hours of non sense.

All in all, I just needed someone to trip with, to tell me to relax. My friend I thought all night must be tripping his fucking balls off at his house, and he went to bed right after I left, before it even kicked in.

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