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Im In Gods Hands Now


Ok....Here it goes Im 13yrs old and my friend is 15 he showed me how to smoke week and shit like that me and him maybe ate like 40 grams after i finaly ate all of them i felt My stomach start to hurt i wasnt feeling a high till 15min after the stomach part. The high hit me so hard i was scared. My friend was enjoying it i dont know why maybe cause he is alot bigger in weight than me after the high i started to cought up blood it was pretty nasty after i saw that i puked all over the sofa i heard if you look in the miror you see madd shit so i tried i saw myself dying into diffrent colors it was fucking weird after all this shit my parents came home and knew somthing was wrong and they broght me to a doctor i was like no no no and they did the doctor knew what was happening she sent me to the hospital to get my stomach pumped and stuff and my parents grounded me since now....i got to get off im not soposed to be on the comp..

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