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It was a friday night, i had done shrooms once before but they were kind of week so i thought i would try them again.

It was a friday night, i had done shrooms once before but they were kind of week so i thought i would try them again. So after a night of smokin up we came home to about 15 grams. these were really potent and we were only intending on eating about 3 grams. so we ate and we wern't feeling anything, (we thought it was suppose to kick in about 45 min into it) so we decided to finish off the bag. we were still not feeling anything so my buddy rolled up a cannon joint and we smoked it.
after totaly forgeting about the shrooms i started feeling myself move after i moved, (i guess a delayed effect), every time i moved i would get a bad delay effect. at first i told my buddy thats some good fuckin weed, then he said to me..i dont think thats it, i looked at my hands and they were waving all over the place, it starting rushing up and i kept geting more fucked, i looked at the walls around me and it was caving in like lava spilling. all i wanted to do was sleep and so did my buddy, we went into his room i slept on the top bunk and he slept on the bottom. All the sudden i couldnt move, talk, or barely breathe. i would start thinking about my life and looking at everything on a different perspective.
i would close my eyes and see pictures of my family, their faces would be huge and laughping and doing weird facial gestures in a chopped up way THIS IS WHEN MY EYES WERE CLOSED. i felt so trapped and i thought i was going to die. all of the sudden i would open my eyes and see the room splashing all over, hands were coming out of the wall. i then thought i was dead and floating in space, i thought i was going to heavan as i would close my eyes and see my and my buddy floating in space both dead. i would see pictures of mirrors and in the mirrors were all of my memories. i held through and almost called the ambulance but it wore off after about 4 hours of torture. we got to bed at 5 in the morning and i could honestly say i have an idea of what it is like to die and what it will be like. I will never do that much, but recently i did about three grams and had the best time ever.
Happy trippin

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