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I've Died

Got home from a party, (drunk and stupid).

Got home from a party, (drunk and stupid). Im used to blue ringer (stunzii). But i picked up an ounce of liberty caps. which are 5 times stronger than blue ringers. I ate about 4-5 grams, chew up and sucked out all juices. 10-15 minutes later I started feeling it. It just kept getting more intense to the point i couldnt take it. I was in a fraternity house so i went to my friends room and told him to call everyone I knew. I thought i had eaten to much and I was dying. The last thing I remember was everything was morphing together, more than I have ever seen it, and the walls of my vison were caving in. blackness was comming, its why i thought i was dying. So I went and layed down for maybe 3 hours eyes closed, tripping out. thoughts you couldnt even imagine. I had convinced myself i was dead. I have a few memories of it all. I have a memory of me being in the bathroom and peeing ok... ya it felt like i had been peeing for hours so i just walked away still peeing. Then i woke up on top of my roomate, he some how was in my bed. I just thought it was part of the after life illusion. Nothing really made any effect on me. Sound was so wierd. I cant explain. Then when i finally got out of my trance. I snapped out of it sitting on my bed 3:00am with a cigerette lit in my mouth. I jumped up and said "YES" Im still alive. i went to look in the mirror just to make sure. O-ya, right before i freaked out, when it kept getting more and more intense like a 4 is normal, i hit that in 10 minutes then 20 minutes i was at a 7 going o shit. Everything started to look like a cartoon, I didnt know what was real. My friends were talking and it sound like "fieifeknkjieckjkd dkjfeijfkejfijd foeij " really really fast. I rememer a pizza guy comming to the house and saying "Ok HeRe is Your 37 pizzas your ordERED GOodBYE>. Big D,, Washington StaTE

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