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I went completely nuts.

I just had the stangest experience on Psilocybe cubensis.

I just had the stangest experience on Psilocybe cubensis. I have tripped from time to time but I would not consider myself experienced. I had gone out to the local cow field and picked about 25 choice cubensis for myself. I placed them in my drying chamber as I usually do when I have a larger load. I picked out 13 of the smallest shrooms and decided not to eat them as usual and make shroom tea instead. I ate the drained mushrooms and washed them down with the tea. The trip started as usual with the body buzz, the euphoria, and some very slight visuals set in. I suddenly felt very drawn to the bed. I was getting comfortable trying to focus on the visual. I'm not sure how long this lasted but I had absolutely no idea I was about to go fucking crazy. My body started to feel slow I was having trouble breathing at times . I started to try to get up. It was nearly impossible. I looked around the room and my surrounding seemed very strange. It was the same room but things were missing. I couldn't see my body under the sheets but the way my legs looked they seemed very similar to two snakes slithering and rising. I started to panic a little bit. I realized I was able to move around more easily now. I remember that I had brought over a pack of cigarettes and an ash tray in case I didn't want to get up to smoke. Now this was probably a bad idea considering the fucked up feeling state I was in. By that time I had already seriously started hallucinating but I figured it would be a good time for a smoke maybe it would calm me down. I looked at my cigarette. Turkish Gold, or at least that what I SHOULD have seen written there. Instead the words were in a strange language looking oddly similar to Ancient Egyptian. I thought that was insane but started to smoke. I got up out of bed to check my surroundings. Everything that I could see was different. I tried the door but I couldn't exit the room. It was like when I tried to turn the knob my arm would suddenly jerk back very rapidly. That isn't a very good explaination but it's the best I can do. I tried to open the door at least 100 times to no avail. I decided it would be a perfectly acceptable idea to put my cigarette out on my tile floor. By this time reality did not exist. I went back to bed and I started to watch the television. There were two televangelists. A man and a woman preaching damnation and sometimes talking absolute gibberish. I felt my arms and legs melt into the sheets. Sometimes I was transported to different places in my mind and I can't remember where. I remember seeing War most of all. I felt sickened. I started to cry that I wanted out. I wanted someone to walk in and take me out of this room that I was trapped in. I remember calling out for my girlfriend most of all. She is very sick in the hospital and I really did think that I was going to be trapped in my head forever and never get to see her again. I started tearing at my skin feeling strange sensations. I tried hard to hold onto the reality I was still experiencing hoping I had not gone insane forever. It felt like I was in that rooms for many many hours but it was more like three. There was stuff that I can't remember from the experience but I know was there and was extremely frightening. Suddenly my dog walked in. I felt so elated! I approached him with caution not knowing what to expect. I held out my hand and he happily approached. That's when I knew everything was going to be just fine. I had to have pet the dog for about half an hour. I explored the house but everything was just how it should be except for the occasional colorful visual. I looked back on the experience and thought that it was actually kinda fun. Hopefully I can have the same vivid experience again soon but without all the fear of not knowing what was happening to me. If anyone has every had a similar experience please e-mail me at CodenameRockyjdc@hotmail.com >

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