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I was WAY too fucked

This trip happened on my 19th birthday, when I went out with my buddies to celebrate.

This trip happened on my 19th birthday, when I went out with my buddies to celebrate. We started out with a pitcher of beer and a cuban cigar. We then smoked a philly's blunt with about 5.5 grams of reasonable bud, rolled a couple smaller joints, and smoked them.

Then, as I was rolling another joint, my best friend offered to give me three grams of shrooms for free. I had done shrooms 2 out of the last three days, a couple grams each time, so I wasn't worried that they'd get me too fucked up. They were small shrooms, and my previous experiences with them had let me know that they were the most powerful shrooms I'd ever had. I'd seen them in high times before, but nowhere else in Ottawa (we did determine the exact strain before we ate any, but I forget which it was). So, I happily sat there and munched on shrooms for 5 minutes, until I got all three grams down.

So, I kept on hanging out with about 6 people, downtown on top of an empty parking garage. I felt a little funny after 25 minutes, and got minor hallucinations and a changed frame of mind. As we sat smoking on top of the parking garage, I started think about exactly what we were doing: that we found a spot in one of the busiest sections of downtown at 8 at night where there were no people and we could just sit and smoke. Two of the people I was with I had met before, but never spent more than a couple minutes around them. I was chatting away ('cause of the shrooms), and one of those guys slapped me on the shoulder and said "I love this guy", and that's what started the REAL trip.

I can't explain exactly how his words started the trip, but I started thinking about the fact that I was talking away about nothing. We split up with the two guys I didn't know (leaving me with my three best friends in the world), and went to a nearby park with a trippy fountain (one other guy had taken a gram of the shrooms, the others were just fried). We sat down in front of the fountain, and two more guys joined us. I didn't know them, had never met them before, and by this point I was getting serious hallucinations: EVERYTHING was moving so much that I could barely recognize what they were. I stopped talking because I didn't know the guys and didn't want to show that I was all shroomy because they were older than me (they were maybe 30, I was 19). After about 10 minutes, my friend who was also on shrooms came over and suggested that he and me go to his house. We talked about it for 10 or 15 minutes in really quite voices, then suddenly jumped up and announced that we were leaving, and walked away quickly.

As soon as we jumped up, everything stopped the moving/breathing that happens on shrooms. Instead, everything turned into a still hallucination. When I say everything, I mean everything down to the molecules in the air, it all STOPPED like a picture. I felt as though I was walking through a photograph, though a seriously warped photo. Everything had stopped, but it didn't look like it normally did: I can't explain it better than that, but hopefully some of you experienced trippers will know what I mean. I thought that the moon was a streetlight all the way to my friends place.

Once we got to the bus stop, I started getting really paranoid. Things weren't moving anymore, but everything was so distorted that I couldn't make sense of it: it had no relation to the normal world. The street wasn't the street anymore, I was just walking on something that kept attacking my feet. People weren't just people, they were evil beings bent on my destruction. If I hadn't been with my buddy, I don't think that I could have made myself wait for the bus due to my paranoia. After what seemed like forever, a giant moving box came, and my friend told me it was the bus, so we got on.

We sat down in the very back, and there were a fair number of people on the bus, maybe 8 people in the back. I thought that I sat down on the seat opposite my buddy, facing him, but I'm really not sure. Apparently, on the bus, I crossed my arms, put on a mad expression, and stared straight into some stranger's eyes for the entire 25 minute bus ride. I thought that I was looking at my friend, but he told me about the stranger afterwards. He tried to talk to me on the bus, but the paranoia had set in too hard, and I was scared that the people on the bus were going to listen to our conversation. Also, on the bus ride, everything started moving and breathing again, just like a typical shroom hallucination.

We got off the bus, or rather, I should say that I stumbled off the bus, he got off. My depth perception was totally fucked, and the entire world was moving. The hallucinations were as heavy as a couple hits of acid. I could barely walk because I couldn't figure out how far away the ground was... On the walk to my friend's house, there's a long, long curved section of road. Normally, when I walk on it, the curve goes to the right. However, that night, the road looked like it was curving straight up, like a rollercoaster track. This contributed to the problems I was having walking... There was an attractive girl about our age walking right in front of us. I thought that she was about 10 feet in front of us, I found out that it was only 2 feet when she crossed the road and looked at us strange.

We eventually got to his house, and his parents weren't home, thank god. We sat down in his living room and turned on some trippy music, and proceeded to try and roll a joint. This is where things got really wierd: I lost my ability to communicate. It was hard to think, and when I tried to speak, the words that came out were nonsense: they didn't form a cohesive sentence or idea. My buddy was also starting to feel his shrooms, and he proceeded to take everything out of his bag and throw it all over the room, including a couple ounces of pot and an ounce of shrooms... This freaked me out even more, because during all this he was trying to talk to me, and I just couldn't respond, and I thought that he'd hate me the next day... Plus, having all those drugs strewn all over the place increased my paranoia tenfold.

Anyways, I tried to roll a joint, and couldn't because my fingers seemed huge. The paper also seemed way too fragile for me to touch without it falling apart, and the bud seemed greasy and disgusting (though it wasn't). My buddy wasn't too screwed to roll, so he did so, and we went outside and smoked it. This helped me ALOT: it was something that I'm familiar and comfortable with, and I guess the pot buzz gave me something normal to grasp onto. We went inside, and I got the idea of writing down what I was trying to say instead of saying it, since any sentence beyond two or three words would come out of my mouth as meaningless garbage. I managed to write a few sentences while my friend was trying to talk to me, and I think he got pissed off.

Everything after this until the end of my trip is pretty much a blur. I gradually came back to a grip on reality while we were playing quake 2. By 2 in the morning, I could talk with him and make sense again, and I had lost all my paranoia. We went upstairs to make some food, then my buddy started freaking out because his shrooms really started to happen. He developed an entire conspiracy theory about his mother trying to drive him out of the house by eating all the food and stealing the pans... I was still hallucinating quite a bit, but it was just normal stuff (breathing/flowing, etc), so I was able to talk with him and try and calm him down while he freaked about his parents... He went back downstairs, and I cleaned up all the stuff he had thrown in his living room so that his parents wouldn't find drugs all over the place the next morning when they got back...

After that, I went downstairs, and went to sleep quite easily, considering that shrooms normally keep me up for a long time. The entire trip lasted about 6 or 7 hours, and I figure that the really intense part lasted for maybe 3.5 hours, though I'm not too sure about it. There were no lasting effects, except that I felt a bit wierd the next day, and I had a slight distaste for shrooms, as well as a slight fear of them... It was the most intense trip I've had on shrooms (except a few days ago, but that's another story...), and the amount of dissociating and hallucination beat the pants off of the effects of all the LSD I've taken, even 3 hits at once. What I wrote is only a minor bit of what I felt, since it seems impossible to express what I thought, felt, and saw during that evening. I wouldn't care to repeat the experience unless I was at home by myself, without needing to worry about communicating through words. It wasn't a bad trip, just kinda scary...

The moral of this story? Well, I'd done shrooms before, quite a few times, and sometimes been extremely messed up off of them. I thought that I could handle any reasonable amount because of this previous experience, but it turned out that I was wrong... I actually learned alot during the experience, but I can't write down what it is that I learned... I think it's just an attitude change along with the feeling that I can handle being that screwed up, because I know how to deal with it now... I also learned to be more careful than I was before, because drugs can destroy your mind if used to excess. I was pretty scared that that was happening during the trip, and I'm sure it would have if I had done double or triple the dose... Be careful with shrooms: they're not chemicals, but they can have effects far more powerful than LSD.

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