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Halloween night

Ok so heres al little backround on me.

Ok so heres al little backround on me... Im 15 in grade 9 and im very experinced with dope and I decided to try shrooms. It was lunch time at school and after smoking a few joints i poped my shrooms and went to guitar class. During guitar I was pretty ripped as usual but i didnt feel the mushrooms. They kicked in during My last period of day science, and my teacher was dressed as a woman wich is pretty funny when your stoned. I got to watch a movie for all of class then went exploring after school was out.

I noticed I was more focused and i could concentrate unlike marijuana. I thought i was watching the world through a Tv and I could see all the little pixles and everything. Then everything looked like i was watching a widescreen Tv it was very trippy.

I met up with my friend who had some bud on him so he gave me some and by that time it was getting dark out.
I went back to my school, got some rolling papers, and started walking home. I sparked up my joint and just as I put it out the shrooms kicked in again. I saw some shadowy figures with baseball bats in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other, these dark figures where saying my name then started running to me. They turned out to be my friends who were getting loaded, they gave me a bunch of swigs of their wine then i started to get pretty drunk. I continued drinking while one of my friends was rolling a huge joint with hash in it. We smoked it then decided to do what every drunk stoner would do on halloween... go trick or treating!

I stumbled up to this womans house with a huge grin on my face and said "treat or treat." she said "You dont have a costume on dear." so I put my hood over my head and said I was a wizard. We continued trick or treating for a while then I got bored and went to my house. The weed, alcohol and shrooms were still having an effect on me so I decided to get some munchies and watch "Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke" I passed out at the beginning of the movie and kept waking up in the middle of the night.

Thats pretty much what happend and it was probally the best halloween ever .

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