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i thought I was DEAD

Ok SO its 4:20 and i just spent the entire morning just chilling and smoking pot, very realxed and at peace with the world.

Ok SO its 4:20 and i just spent the entire morning just chilling and smoking pot, very realxed and at peace with the world. so my friend i go over to my frineds place Cause we were supposed to monch and we get there and he has to go to class so we monch an 1/8 right there and wait until it kicks in ....finally i start to drift into my thoughts and feel my body start to let go of my conciousness and i am in control....then the doorbell rings and i snap out of it , i go to the door and realize walking just feels plain weird so i open the door and its my frind who had to go to class so he comes in and we monch at least another 1/8 each and he gives me an E pill. os we take that and get into thsi huge thoelogical dissucssion and everything just makes perfect sense its like there is nothing i cant solve and then it starts to go wierd i look at the tv and its starts to move in and out of focus and then starts to wave ...so im tripina little and im like i need to stand up so i go outside to blaze and wheni get out side i look down and the ground level seems to be just under my chin wich made walking really difficult and then doing everything actually star6ts to become an effort, like snoking a joint was hard to pay attantion to i had to focus my entire attention just to put it to my mouth i also noticed how vibrant everything looked , moss especially wich seemed almost fluorescent. Then another friend comes over to monch and we tell him what we have been up to i tell him i had mush some E and pot and he ohhhh crap dude you are not supposed to mix E with anything man like even tylonol and you could die .......so that is when i reallly start to trip i am like oooooooooooooooooooooooh crap what am i gunna do i am gunna die but i cnat go to the hospital.... and my mind begins to race running through every possible scenario and i just want to sleep ( I dont know about you but i can never slepp on mush) so im sitting on his couch just completely out of reality delving into my past and reliving my life when i my friend is like CRAP my dads home we gotta go and he get sme out side and we begin to walk to my house and i get ther and just lock myslef up in my room and try to put all ym effort into bot dieng and not wanting sleep but wanting to at the same time and then i start to get this teriible headache and a fever andim like oh no im dieng .....after like an hour of this my high starts to come down and i think i am finally going to be able to sleep and imm out ................I woke up the next mornig alive and welll and still love mush it is truly amazing drug

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