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i think this is quite long.. but fuck.

i dont know how to begin.

i dont know how to begin.. got the shrooms went to this dim little house and ate these things.. about 20g mexican.
after 20 minutes i still wasnt feeling anything, but then my eyes started pouring and i couldnt stop. nothing was wrong, and it stopped after a little while. i was properly waiting for the tripping to start and i was sitting on the floor of my ex boyfriends house.. nasty carpet with those designs and they started making these typical swirly motions and i was like yesssss comeon bitch. i rememeber going into this tiny little bathroom alone with the lights off just staring at the space above the bath... like space opened up and let me in.. like i was speeding through it passing every particle that makes existance. this is where it started to get really fucked.. i have no idea in what order things happened. i could hear crying at one point and i asked them why from inside the bathroom and they told me it was me and that i should stop.

may sound silly.. but my friend told me i'd never seen her without a jumper on, i watched her take it off so slowly and it was like she was revealing herself to me.. she had a loose,low pony tail and hunchback ogress.
everyone started to turn into these discusting monsters and even my girlfriend was making me feel sick when i looked at her.
this time thing//.. fuck i dont fucking know.. i was NOT here. i dunno how to explain .. i was NOT here. i cant even begin to comprehend what the fuck was happening. the brain is so fucking incredible.

i "woke up" or whatever .. where my memories start again.. i was in the bathroom again it was all black and white in the mirror.. all the colour i could see was the blue in my eyes fucking piercing me and everything went so fucking fast. i took my top off and i was rumaging through my things and playing with my headband at some ridiculous speed. my face suddenly started to get red and it went all fat and then the doorbell rang and a human came in and i could hear him from the bathroom.
all of us wanted to be told we\d be ok. there was a wall.. a transparent diagonal one.. that separated me and my girlfriend on the bed and she was all pressed up against it. fuck man.. shit.. idunno .. im not reading over this but still.

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