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I swallowed myself.


Well.. It was my 16th birthday and the man I'm in love with and I had bought an ounce of shrooms.. For about month I had been craving these things so the taste didn't phase me.. I happily ate my 2.5 grams and kicked back in T's room. I was just waiting for things to happen. All I felt was a little giggly and high..

We decided to book and go to a coke dealer's house .. he was having a party.. I met up with my friends Aeriel and Corrine and had me a nice corona.. I was out in the living room listening to some highly intense techno music when I felt the shrooms start to hit. the patterns on the ceiling looked so amazing, as I laid on my side, I felt like a river was running over me and I was watching everyone from inside a running river.. The couch began to close up on me, and I felt the 2 sides fold up on me.. my two eyes peeked out of the little hole and I listened to the hypnotizing music. there were people all around me in the room, and I was pissed because they weren't trying to unfold the couch..

Soon the couch let me go and I ran into the crack smoking room.. I looked around me then set myself at eyelevel with the table watching the contents that were on it.. Soon everything had began to stretch and melt, just like I had wanted to see for soo long! I started to get excited.. Corrine's face was melting off her body and I thought it was damn hilarious.

I suddenly came to peace with everything and realized why everything is the way it is.. I felt like I knew myself better then ever before..

Soon we decided to leave the party and take a ride before I said bye to T and went back to aeir's house.. I cuddled up to T in the car as he started to explain to me how funny my pupils looked. He held me tight and it felt like he was going to do it forever... the lines on the road had no breaks in them any longer, they just all ran together and started running off into the fields on the side of the highway.. We made it to aeir's house and I said my goodbyes to trav and corrine and made my way into the house.. I couldn't accept anything that was goin on inside of that place.. I called my mom to let her know we hadn't died from the icy roads.. she was mad at me for some reason and all I could do was laugh at her...

so we went into aeir's room and she decided to crash, she thought she had smoked herself to death with that stupid coke.I suddenly felt every emotion she had ever felt in her life, all the pain, all the joy, all the sorrow, everything, I felt like I knew her so well.. I begged her to talk to me but she wouldn't... finally I turned on the tv and watched a really old game show.. I sat there wishing I would trip harder, and as soon as these thoughts hit my head.. I started seeing different' colors everywhere and the walls were morphing.. and stretching.. I got really excited... I studied the tv carefully... the people seemed like they were right there with me.. their faces were morphing and it looked hilarious..

Finally I decided to see what my face looked like... I stared in the mirror for what must have been 2 - 3 hours.. My face was going crazy! My nose would get huge and my eyes really tiny and vice versa... I laughed for hours over this.... I finally got over how I looked and laid back in bed, I started laughing and every time I laughed it shot out of my foot and broke aeriels mirror.. the morphing walls would always fix the mirror for some reason and I would just keep braking it with my laugh..... My whole body felt like it was curling and moving.. Finally it felt like my legs were curling up around my head I opened my mouth and decided to swallow the rest of my body.. for about 3 hours I thought I was just a head laying on aeriel's pillow. then I shut my eyes. I started getting scared cuz I knew I couldn't control my mind..

I was playing with my tongue and fingers, when I thought I had pulled a vein out of my body, I pulled it out and looked it as it dropped all over aeir's covers and spilled like ink.. I quickly wiped it up hoping she wouldn't get pissed.

I started hallucinating that I was on this rainbow riding it over to t's house... I got pissed cuz it wasnt letting me go fast enough, so I ate it... It tasted like mushrooms so I puked the rainbow up all over the place.the olors were so bright and pretty I soon started to breath them, I was breathing rainbows all over aerie's room! I prayed she wouldn't get mad over this....I opened my eyes and was happy to see I was no longer just a head laying on aeriels pillow.

there was a light on her wall from the crack in her blinds, and I imagined it being the way into the galaxy.. I flew through it and floated around until I got dizzy from the tracers I was leaving behind... I didn't come down until 7 that morning.. all I know is that when I decide to ingest a drug, they always hit me hard.. I loved shrooms! I'm determined to do them this weekend.. If I ever recommend a drug to anyone it's shroomies :) you don't even feel human.. you feel like energy or something...Sorry this was long, just wanted you to get the picture of my trip.... Trip some shrooms, enjoy your life, you only got one :)
Peace love and happy tripping.

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