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I see cardboard people

I have done shrooms at least 15 or close to that many times before I did this.

I have done shrooms at least 15 or close to that many times before I did this. It was the stupidest thing i have ever done

My friends came and picked me up to go to school. We were going to skip but decided it would be better just to go to school. On the way we stoped by another one of my friends house and picked up 5oz of shrooms that just got harvested just the other day. It was already made into tea when we had gotten it. We split it between me and my friend Cody, Dusty and Trey. By the time I had gotten to school I was feelin it pretty stong but i havent lost touch with reality just yet. My first block was ok (eveyone looked like they were so happy to see me just smiling all of the time). When I had got to break I started to loose it. The tables out in the courtyard just began to melt whenever I touched them. When I told Trey that the tables were melting he was like dude, sweet.

Then it started to get very confusing everybody slowly turned into cardboard people and looked really evil like they were goin to kill me or somethin like that. By lunch time all my friends were like dude whats up with you dude your eyes are all dilated, and a bunch of teachers have been askin about you. They told me and my friends that should leave before me get caught. We tokk there advice and left. On are way out everybody kept surrounding us and we felt really small. Cardboard people were every were. We finally got out to Treys truck and left to go sleep at my house to try to calm ourselves down.

It worked by 6 at night we down to illusions and finally began to chill.

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