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I Pissed Myself

One night I went to a party with two of my friends.

One night I went to a party with two of my friends. When we got there they had a bunch of beer. I drank about 5 beers in about 10 minutes and smoked about 3 bowls. One guy told ud he had a pound of cyanesensz in his car and said anybody who wanted some could have some. My two friends each ate about 3 grams each. They handed me the sack and said I could have as many as I want because I am an experianced tripper. I ate about 9 grams with water. About 20 minutes later I started tripping pretty hard.The floor started rolling and long worms started oozing out of it. I looked at his Method Man poster and it spoke to me. I took a sip of beer and spit it all over one of the girls there. I was really embarrased and thought sitting in the hall for about 15 minutes staring at nothing would help.obviously thats not very cool so i got embarrased again. I went and sat on the couch. I don't remember this but people said I was chewing really hard on my bottom lip and it was bleeding(the next day my lip was fat) My friends

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