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It was my first time to realy trip.

It was my first time to realy trip. I had tried ti shroom before butI must have takentoo little of a dose because it didn't do anything . I went to my friends (the dealer ) and told him his stuff didn't work . So he gave me 5 grams to tryit out again. I called up my other friend Doug , he had experienced shrooms and acid before so I shared it w/ him. He picked me up at home and we stoped by the store to get OJ we took the shrooms and smoked a little weed. Our original plan was to see American Werewolf in Paris, but Half Baked was also showing ,so we went to see it . Man I am so glad we did. When the shrooms hit ,all I could do was laugh . I could notice the colors were brighter and everything was loud. I looked Doug and he looked back and just grinned.The movie was great , after we went out side we looked all over . Man it was Super Bowl Sunday and it was very cloudy and lots of lighting. The sky looked so fuckin cool . Then it hit us ,How in the hell were we going to get home. The theater was across town. as soon as we got to the car I stared getting paranoid because if I was fucked up I kow he was too. The ride home was so long.We had to stop one time because I felt like barfing, but it passed . We had to get home. Finally we got home and enjoyed the shrooms . Icalmed down because I felt safe there. We sat on the couch and just triped of this one wall w/ an asian painting . The trip lasted for a few hours, mostly on the couch. It was the coolest feeling beeing shroomid . I tried it w/ shroom pills from ahead shop and all they did was make me throw up...I sure wish I was shoomin' right now.

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