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Ok lets start from the beginning I am about 5'10 and around 150 lbs.

Ok lets start from the beginning I am about 5'10 and around 150 lbs. so it wont take much to get me high. One night me and two of my close friends got an eighth each of some crazy shrooms (about 3.5 grams each - I got three caps and a bunch of stems they were liberty caps really blue vainy shit:) hehe). I went out that night as any other night, happy and jokingly. I never expected what was going to happen to me. All three of us dropped the shrooms and went to a gas station to buy drinks and snacks for our trip. We then went to a parking lot way up in the mountains with the most beautiful view of the freeway you can imagine. We already told my other (sober) friend to be ready just incase we needed him. We sat anticipating the shrooms, and slowly it kicked in. It was about 6 or 7pm and the freeway lights began to slowly get brighter and expand. The music sounded different and the grass was blowing strangly. I told my two friends that I was starting to feel it. My body got a buzzing high, and my vision seemed broken. Everything was crooked, and I was telling myself this can't be. I tried to focus on my speedometers dashed lines because I knew for a fact they had to be straight, but those were also crooked. I began to trip big time! Everything in my car seemed like it was melting. There were lights in my car that didn't exist, i tried to search to see where they were coming from but i couldn't. Then I hit the max, I saw the mountains changing colors, and the star filled sky was soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. The stars were moving in circles and i was taking in all the beauty. I was totally haulusinating by now, i didn't know what was real or not. I saw a huge spotlight that zoomed by the parking lot that was never there, and everything seemed like it was melting. Me and my friend got out of the car to go for a walk for some reason, walked about a 100 yards in a direction, saw there was no where to go then went back to the car feeling like idiots:) Then i felt overwhelmed by the shrooms. I was really cold and my cars heater sucked i was beginning to shiver. I got the feeling of "what have i done to myself" i began thinking of my parents, and i got really scared. I wanted off the shrooms at this point, and i kept repeating "I'm POISONED!!!". I'm shaking as i remember that night. i got really scared to the point that i felt like i was dying. I saw pure evil in all its forms, and it scared me to my soul. The two friends i was with were also scaring me, their faces turned into sinister looking demon type smiles, and when my friend in the backseat laughed he looked like the devil. I wanted to get out of there BADLY! My other friend was throwing up in the parking lot by now, and i was so paranoid that we called my sober friend to pick us up. He came, and saved us:) my trip from then on was PERFECT! I LUVED IT. i felt so safe with my sober friend, and happy that i had gone through the evil and that i was leaving it behind. It was as if i saw the worlds darkest evil and came through it. it's really hard to describe. In a weird way i was glad to have gone through that, because it makes up see the world differently. Things u think are so important seem so insugnificant. Unfourtunatly i had to goto my other friends party that night, and I was maxed out on shrooms, but on the drive there it was so beautiful. the lights were like a movie, wizzing by in streams, i was in extacy. At my friends house I think i had what you guys call ego-death. I saw how insugnificant humans were, and how precsious we were at the same time. I saw the world in a third-person type view where it seemed like a pair of humans would blab to each other, and then move on and blab to someone else. i couldn't understand what people were saying, but i felt so comfortable at my friends house that i just relaxed and enjoyed it. I'm usually pretty self consious if i go out, but that night everything seemed so unimportant, i didn't care about what people thought or anything i was just comfortable with me. I know its been a long story so ill try to finish up, i went home that night enlighted and very changed. It really changed me I can't describe what i felt that night but it changed me. The next morning i went and picked up my car (thankfully it wasn't towed) and that's it. i recommend shrooms as at least a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, but i can't stress how important it is for you to feel comfortable. never do shrooms in a bad setting TRUST ME!! ITS FREAKIN SCARY!!

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