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I Met God

Alright, I am 15 years old and live in San Francisco, CA.

Alright, I am 15 years old and live in San Francisco, CA. This is the home of Haight-Ashbury, so it has a large selection of drugs, and they are all pretty easy to attain. This mushroom trip was my second, but the 1st was only a leval 2 or so. I got these particular shrooms from a friend of a friend of a hippy I met a few weeks earlier. They were in chocolate, so I'm not sure of the dosage, but I took a little over three times what the dealer suggested, being the brilliant person I am.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE TRIP: ---(This first part is just levels 1, 2, and 3. Go down to see level 5)---I was walking in the Haight (which seemed to be apropriate) with my friend Zach, when I started to feel the first signs of the mushrooms: I saw colors more clear, and sounds were more apparent. We began to get worried because we had nowhere to go and it was getting late, but I suddenly remembered this old hippy I knew. I called him up and he came and brought us to his appartment. We immediately went into his trippy room and collapsed on the couch. His room was filled with every possible psychadelic thing you could imagine. As soon as I sat down, I rubbed against the couch and the sensation was amazing. I then immediately noticed the walls rippiling, and the spirals on the rug began to twist around.------------------------------------------------LEVELS 4 AND 5!: The spirals began to move out of the rug and twist into rope. The rope melted, and green snakes slithered up, and onto the edge of the couch. They were soon filling the room, so that everything was covered in snakes. This wasn't a bad trip by any means, because I have nothing against snakes, and was too busy enjoying the trip. They slithered all over me, and one crawled up behind Zach's head. I looked over at him and the snake punched a whole through the back of his head, and ate one of his eyes. This sounds much worse than it was, because it was very clamation like, and he was laughing the whole time. I tried to thing better thoughts immediately, and turned my attention to some of the psychadelic things in the room. They drove my mind insane, so I looked over at a rug hung on the wal behind me. I leaned my head against it, and the colors all started to swirl around like paint. Suddenly the paint was ketchup and mustard and relish, and it formed into the profile of a person. Then it dripped down the wall towards me. I didn't find this very interesting, considering I had just seeing 200 pythons fill the room, so I looked back over at Zach. He instantly morphed into a woman, and was looking at me strangely. I quickly got up and moved into a leather chair on the other side of the room, because the female Zach disturbed me. The hippy turned on some 60s music I don't normaly listen to, and right then I devoted my life to becoming a hippy, just because of that one song he played. (I later rejected that decision, seeing as how the 60s are all the way back in...the 60s.) Needless to say, by this point in the trip, everything was constantly wavering or changing shape, and all the objects/walls in the room were covered in mixtures of colors. I looked over at an open closet, that was dark inside. I saw the universe, and suddenly it zoomed out past all the galaxies, and I was left with a sort of strange purpalish light, that glowed constantly, but seemed to be breathing and alive at the same time. I felt like everything in the world was meaningless, and I was no longer a human or a being on earth. I felt above life and existance all together.....disconnected. These feelings are not possible to put into words, but it was by far the most moving experience in my life. I felt like I was touching heavan, and although I have always been an athiest, I immediately discared that thought and tried to talk to god. I decided to kill myself so that I would never have to come down to earth again. I felt as if life was so minescule in respect to everything else (although I could not name everything else) that it would be worth ending it away from life. In this feeling of floating and drifting upward, some unnameable force called me into the glowing purple abis, and said that human life would soon come to an end. (The voice did not speak english, but for some reason I understood anyways.) At this point the walls vanished and I felt like the entire room lifted up into the sky. I looked down and could see stars below...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The rest of the trip was comming down. I never felt worse comming of a drug in my life, but I'm sure you can understand, given what I believed at the time. Some people have recently told me that the shrooms may have been laced with acid. I do not recommend this type of experience (Level 5) for a first trip, but It is something everyone should do sometime in their life.

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