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i know everything!!!

last thursday i wanted some alcohol but had no cash so i decided to go pick some copes and have a small giggle trip.

last thursday i wanted some alcohol but had no cash so i decided to go pick some copes and have a small giggle trip.i came back home with about 25 to 30 dime-sized caps.it had been very warm where i live and they haven't been very potent so i didn't expect to trip very hard off the ones i had. at 11:00 that night i chopped them up and put them in a cup with some honey and ate them with a spoon.as soon as i got finished eating them i called my mom to see how she had been doing.about 30 min.later i started feeling spaced-out and knew i had to get of the phone quick.as soon as i got of the phone i let out a held back laugh.i told my girlfriend(who hadn't eaten any)that i think i might have ate too many because it's only been 45min.and i'm seeing visuals like crazy.the walls of my room were flashing red like a strobelight,the ceiling was crawling like flesh and the floor was having a wave-like effect like water.i went out side to see what it was like and the sky was flashing like a blue strobelight.i really didn't like all the flashing so i went back inside.the hall in the house was flexing and constricting like the inside of a snake.when i got back in my room i looked at the clock and noticed that it was only 12:15.it had already seem like hours.i turned off the light and turned on my blacklights and lavalamp.this changed the mood completely.i could see landscapes illumated by blacklight all around me.i felt as if my bed was a boat floating on a sea of neon.at 1:00 i went to use the bathroom and when i tried to pull out my dick i felt as if my hands were twisted around backards.it was a very hard task pulling down my shorts.when i looked in the mirror i could see the skull beneath my face and my eyes looked like 2 black holes sucking in the whole bathroom.i went back to my bedroom and got back in the bed with my g/f.she told me to take off my shorts cause she wanted to have sex and i told her that she needed to undress me because it took me 5 min.to figure out how to get my dick out to piss,there aint no way i could get them all the way off.my g/f undressed me and sucked me just hard enough to mount me and we had sex for about a minute and then i went limp. i rubbed her pussy and started to remember being in utero,them i could remember what it was like being born.i told her we can't have sex cause i was tripping too hard.i looked over at the clock and saw it was 1:30.i told my g/f that i was starting to feel really wierd and then i remembered what was about to happen(i've had a level 5 before)i started to take deep gulps of air and began to twitch and jerk.my g/f kept asking me what i was thinking and that was the only thing that kept me from blacking out.my eyes were open but i couldn't see anything around me.i told her that i was starting to dematerialize and asked her if she could still see me .i could see images in my mind of the transition between life and death,nothing coming into existance,secrets of man and the universe that i cannot put into words.i whispered to my g/f that 2001(a space oddesy)is me,it's my trip,i'm being shown everything and it's so wonderful.my g/f said i was swinging my head side to side,balling my hands into fists and shaking them and was sticking my tounge out of my mouth like a retard.i was seeing images in my mind at lightining speed.i could see and feel the fears of every person who has ever lived.i could remember my primative instincs,a drive just to exist and nothing more.i remember my g/f talking to me at this point but i couldn't understand her.she told me later that i was whispering random words the entire time and one of the things i said was "ACID BATH"(one of my favorite bands).she put on one of their cds because it was completely silent except for me.i remember thinking i was never coming back from the trip until i realized the music around me and then i came off of the peak.i had tears in my eyes and my g/f was staring at me like i was dying.i looked at the clock and it was almost 5:00 in the morning.i had peaked for over 3 hours and i had to be up at 6:00 to go to work.i laid in bed ,still tripping, a little until i passed out only to be awakened by my alarm clock. the whole day at work i felt as if i had been abused mentally.i had the worst headache ever.i feel that this was about a level 6 because i've had a level 5 it was almost the same trip but without all the shaking and spasms.i don't recomend a trip this intense,it was pretty frightning.

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