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I hate hate. (Great Report IMO)

I took roughly 5 grams of mushies and went to the zoo with two close friends.

I took roughly 5 grams of mushies and went to the zoo with two close friends. I had a great trip, it taught me so much. Somewhere along the line I stopped communicating and just started thinking....

Thinking about people, my life, philosophies, creation, EVERYTHING.
I thought about how stupid hate is, and how it's usually started from ignorance. Not knowing what something is all about causes the average man to fear it and in turn hate it.
I thought about how there's a difference between being smart and being wise (knowing alot).
I thought about how I hate evil things and how people are influenced by the wrong things to accept it.
I thought about daoism and it sounded like the best idea in the world at the time. ( and still does )
DAOISM- The belief that you're born with everything you NEED to know. "Ignorance is Bliss" sort of thing.
Although it can be fun, everyone gets caught up in learning useless information, like records of dead people that don't have any significant message or anything useful. It doesn't matter how many of your favorite bands songs you can name, etc...
I thought about how there's no hurry... for anything. There should be no hurry to get things done because there's no reason for a rush.
I thought about how stupid shyness and insecurities are.
I thought about how insignificant I seem in the long run, how many people are out there and the most important things in life should be appreciated, not the people who reveal them to the world.
That's where the trip took a turn for the worse. I couldnt stop thinking about how unimportant I am. I started thinking suicidle thoughts just so I could stop thinking about it.
I started feeling HORRIBLE, I felt like I was going to kill myself by thinking all of these horrible thoughts. I started thinking if I believe I shouldn't exist I would simply cease to exist.
I felt like I was going to throw up. I started to lose my vision and I began to hear a loud mechanical screeching noise. I almost passed out right in the middle of the zoo, I knew that was not an option, so I regained communication with my friends and told them what was happening. They calmed me down and kept me from getting lost in my thoughts again.
After that the trip was great again and we were all coming down. We felt that extreme relaxation sweep over us and we strolled about the zoo, just discussing the trip, among other things.
Some may look at this as a bad trip, but really it wasn't.
Other than all of the bad things I felt, which in reality only lasted, believe it or not, for about 5 minutes, the trip was very fun, I had a blast. And although I hated thinking at the time, It taught me alot of things that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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