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I even turned into my guitar? Damn.

It was raining, it was monday, and it was 23:30.

It was raining, it was monday, and it was 23:30. I was bored. So I took 15g of philosopher's stones and lay in bed. after an hour i was still feeling nothing and was planning to go to the head shop the next day to tell them they sucked shite because their mush didn't work.

Then i started getting the whole breathing in and out thing, and the room was expanding with every breath i breathed in. the light fixture look so far away, and the dorito's dip jar looked huge. "These are fucking working!" i said out loud.

I still wasnt getting any closed eye visuals yet, and was pissed off because i really wanted to enter that weird and wonderful land that is; the brain. I think i was trying too hard to trip, so i just tried to sleep. haha! now im tripping HARD.

i lay in bed, thinking about different things and started drift off into thought so deep that i really wasn't in my room anymore, and i was really in other places. when i realised i could control this, and that i could think of whatever i wanted and really live out the situation, i had alot of fun.

This trip revolved around the bass riff from the beginning of Love Buzz by Nirvana. I could hear it thoughout.

I then felt that i understood music so well, as a concept and as a piece of art. Then i didnt know what music was. Then i forgot why we have time. then i didnt understand how time worked. it was horrible for a while, but then i became time. and i visualised time in my mind, and was flying around it. but i realised that time was me, so i started changing it...odd i know, but i did.

i turned on the light, and looked at my guitar, and felt such a love for it that i think i thought i was the guitar. i got pissed off that i wasn't in a nice plush guitar stand sitting in the Fender Custom shop in Detroit.

Then the amp talked to me. The amp FUCKING TALKED TO ME! i said "plug yourself into me", and I said "why?" and it said "because you're a US fender deluxe fat strat". and when it said this to me, i thought "oh yeah, i fucking am aren't I!!!" and i got the familiarity thing that everyone gets, and i felt like i had known this all my life, but didnt know i knew it till now.

now remember, i had been laying in complete blackness for the past 2/3hrs, even though i could see everything really well, so when i went into the bathroom and turned on the spot lights, it went double insane! I looked at the plants, and they were moving around and stuff, but then i realised that all the leaves were green les paul custom guitars. i just accepted this, as i was at that point a guitar also.

when i got back in bed, in the blackness, i felt that i was regaining reality. but then the closed eye visuals got even more vivid, and i could see everything so clearly. after this i cant really remember anything. but i do remember thinking that hell was in my mouth for a while, and when i was bighting the inside of my mouth, it would change the picture i saw in my eyes.

Wierd. True. Thought i was gonna be like it for ever, but didnt really mind, cause i was a fat strat!

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