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Had a really great experience.

So, over the past month or so I have been on a quest for some mushrooms.

So, over the past month or so I have been on a quest for some mushrooms. My brother introduced me to a friend of his who grows her own, and I bought about 6 grams from her. I sold 2 grams to a friend of mine who went off to college, leaving me with 4 grams which I split with my friend Dan.

We ate them with chocolate, and then found that we had to drive his sister to work. Luckily it was only 2-3 minutes down the road, so we were back at his house within 10 minutes of eating them. One we arrived back at his house, I changed into a bathing suit and jumped into the pool, thinking that it would be a nice place to sit and wait for the shrooms to kick in.

Dan's mom was leaving for the night, and we would have the whole place to ourselves. However, she was incredibly slow leaving the house. By the time she finally left (about an hour after we ate them) Dan said that he saw the flowers by the side of his pool melting, and I was seeing the concrete sidewalk waving around like a flag.

With Dan's mom finally out of the picture, it was time to enjoy some ganja. I broke out my bong Stu, and an eighth of some real heady ganja that I got from a different friend of mine. I have read that marijuana intensifies the shrooming experience, and I was barely ready for what happened when I took a bong rip. I don't think I've ever felt so fucked up in a good way in my life.

We spent the next several hours smoking ganja, listening to fine music, and enjoying the nice visuals that we were seeing.

The most amazing thing about the experience were the complex visuals that I saw with my eyes closed. I saw the most intricate array of geometric shapes organized in perfect patterns, spinning around and interacting with eachother. It was simply incredible. No amount of computer generated graphics could match the pure brilliance of what I saw. The creativity that my mind had at that point was truly incredible.

During my peak, I layed down on the floor in his dining room and lost half my sense of vision. I no longer saw the dining room, but instead a black room covered in stars. Stars were everywhere covering the ceiling, walls, floor, tables, chairs etc. It was incredible. Occasionally a piece of the "real room" would pop into my vision, but would be instantly taken over by this amazing star pattern. I think this experience made my trip border on a "level 3" but I did not see really INTENSE visuals at any other time other than when I was peaking. The visuals that I saw from beginning to end were the more subtle "breathing" visuals.

After I could stand up and see things, I went back downstairs with Dan and enjoyed some music, more ganja, and then finally went to sleep, waking up at 3:30am to drive back to my house.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back to fantasy land!

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