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i am real

ill skip the bulshit, 3rd trip, 6g dried cube.

ill skip the bulshit, 3rd trip, 6g dried cube....

i was sitting in my room about 50 mins after i digested the shrooms id filled the time by smoking nearly a gram of the finnest home grown bud ever and i was just chilling at my computer with some "massive attack" softly sifting through the background,

First i noticed that my hands were stating to melt into my keyboard they were flowing like a river through the little groves in the keyboard and then i realised i was trippen so i sat up and opened my winamp player to those trippy visuals that go with the music(you know those trippy pattern things) and sat back and just watched them i was having the most vivid thoughts of myths and dragons, volcanos and rings...lol, and id been watching the smurfs with my little brother j while the shrooms were kikin inh and that was still playing on my mind i layed on my bed and started melting through my pillow which diddnt scare me i just felt uncomfortable so i sat up and started to draw i drew the maddest pik eva it was a bright beautiful picture filled with color and paint i started to write this is what i wrote down-

"we are all, we are love, i am love, i am one, autum springs, delayed time, we hate, we need, the sound is all around me, it flows like the rivewr of your mind, why did we say now and not yellow, i fell real, i am real, i am me,"

amoungst all the bullshit i wrote on the page this is some of the weirdest shit. I remember moving around my room from place to place not for any reason i just had so many things to do, i decided to chill 4 a while i was now about 3 hours into my trip and what i beleved to be the peaki was starting to freak out and decided to lay down again.

This time i diddnt melt into anything it just felt like i was transported to another place, I knew i was still in my room but all i could see was a forest around me there were thick shrubs vines trees and beatiful flowers and wat looked like a huge temple i walked over to the temple and started to scale it.

I still dont know why i chose to do this but ot just seemed like all that was important n my life was to get to the top of the temple. I was now about 2metres from the top i popped my head over and there was a man sitting in the corner and he beckened me over to him, so i went over and sat next to him. I could feel his aura around me its like were one everything was running through the same lifeforce, i asked him who he was and he diddnt answer he just looked at me, I could feel his knowledge he was so smart yet he had suffered a terrible pain and at that moment i knew everything.. its not so much as i knew everything its just like there was no questions... like everything was perfect. I stayed with the old man for a while and telepathicly talked to him and he tolled me the spirits were there to guide me and not harm me and to always remember that... then i could fell myself starting to be drawn back to reality i was yet again in my room in a whole body buzz and i fell asleep,

During this whole trip i was never once scarred or close to having a bad trip. if u read this i hope u enjoyed it as much as i did and peace to u all, Accept the power of the mushroom and it will respect you... saz-

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