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I absolutely love mushrooms

Im 16 years old and ive wanted to do mushrooms ever since i heard about them when i was about 12 but i felt i wasnt ready.

Im 16 years old and ive wanted to do mushrooms ever since i heard about them when i was about 12 but i felt i wasnt ready. After waiting about 4 years and reading as much as possible about them to see what i was getting myself into i decided to go ahead and do it. so me and my friends bought a half ounce of shrooms for 5 of us and we were each going to take 2 g's because for 3 of us it was our first time and we were told that 2 grand is about how much you should take the first time you do it. so we got the shrooms and ate them in my friends basement and his while his parents were home upstairs which wasnt such a good idea. but anyways i took the shrooms and waited about 45 minutes and still nothign was happening so i decided i would eat a little more to see if it would help out because we had 4 g's left over in case we werent tripping hard enough we coudl eat more. well i wasnt pay attention and we were watching a whole movie and i ended up eating the whole bag be cause we smoked a blunt right before and i prolly had the munchies or soemthing. once i realized i ate the whole bag i realized i was pretty much fucked cause i never heard of anyone eating 6 g's at once before especially there first time. but i tried to look at hte brighter end of things beacause i knew if i got scared i woudl end up having a bad trip so i just went a long with it. tthen about 10 minutes later the effects started to set in. the first thing that happened was that i was looking at a fur rug and all the hairs stood up and started moving in waves across it and i was just like ok thats cool. then about 10 minutes later i looked at the wall the grain in the wood was coming out torwards me and still then i kept my cool. the next thing i noticed was the flag on the wall was waving and i didnt even realize that it was abnormal until about 10 minutes later and i was like wow this is awesome. and i noticed lots of little things like this happening about every 2 minutes (carpet swirling, colors shooting out of the tv, trails of beautiful colors coming off of people) until everything started to start happening all at once and i started to get scared and this is when things really start to go bad. the walls started coming out and attaching to me sandi could actually feel the walls on my skin the carpet the floor with everything on it was moving in waves about 5 feet tall everything started moving at its own speed. ( one person woudl be talking really fast and moving slow and another would just be moving completely in a different speeds) i didnt think things could get any worse and then about 5 kdis randomly showed up and started playign the drums and other instruments in the basement and it just tottalyt confused me i could not think straight at all and thisi s when i lost touch of all reality suddenly i just blended in with everything like everything was connected i seriosuly felt like everything just wanted me to die. i was looking at holes in the ceiling and all of a sudden spikes just started coming out of them and were just moving aroudn about 2 inches from my face i kept trying to tell myself this isnt really happening thats all in my head but it didnt help at all and before i knew it i was totaly in another world everything was tottaly different sounds, touch, colors, the shape of the room. i forgot how to talk, i couldnt tell if i was dead or alive.i seriosuly thought i wasi n hell. i just curled up in a corner and cried i felt like i was crying for about 10 hours until i decided i couldnt take it anymore so i got up and just left. once i got outside it tottaly changed around. i looked up at the stars and they were huge and just moving around the sky and i just started to "Go with the flow" which is what i needed to do the whole it me. after this 2 of my friends came out cause my friends dad made them leave because he told him hes on shrooms with out thinking. so we got in a car and left and i looked at the clock in the car and i had only been tripping for about 20 min and i seriosuly thought it was at least 10 hours. so we got in the car and went to a party and by now i felt like i was in heaven ive never felt better in my life. because the whole time i was having a bad trip i was just exploring through my mind how to control shrooms and how to solve all my lifes problems and oncei got outside it all made sense and if gave me the weirdest and best feeling ive ever had in my whole entire life. while still had no idea what was goin on in reality i just went with the flow and went to a party and i guess i spent all the money i had and bought abotut 70$ worth of pot then went and got dutches and smoke about 4 blunts in a row and this just increasded my happyness. i was still hallucinating so much but i loved it. i was just going with the flow, i was living inside my mind just figuring everything out. we went back to my house and watched donnie darko while we were coming down from our trips and seriosuly thats the first time i truly understood that movie. but honestly shrooms are the best thing that ever happened to me. i recommend that everyoine try them at least once because my trip ended up being amazing and changed the way i think and look at life forever. i think more clearly. im able to make important life decisions easier. i have no bad affects what so ever and im just able to solve pretty much every problem i encounter now. SHROOMS ARE HEAVEN

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