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Horrible...then amazing.

Not sure if this is a level 5 or not.

Not sure if this is a level 5 or not...but on with the story.

I would just like to clarify that during this trip i was moving to another house, so all that was in my house was a computer, a TV, a pillow, a blanket and some Nick nacs and toys from my childhood spread across my room floor. Also cups dishes and other kitchenware in my kitchen.

Alright so, for a going away party, me and a couple friends were trying to hunt down some shrooms. Luckily for us a friend of ours found 3 eighths of shrooms. We had only a couple caps, most of it shake, but...1 cap in the jar was ridiculous... It was a giant yellow cap almost the size of my fist. It being my second time taking them and my last day being in that area, my 2 friends gave me the giant cap. The time being 7:20 pm, I popped it in my mouth and began to chew...I almost threw up just from eating it, it tasted horrible... So after eating the cap and the small amount of stems i got (the cap weighed almost an eighth on its own), and 10 vitamin c horse pills (i was told vitamin c boosts your experience), i sat down at my computer and started to play a game. During that time my 2 other friends were gobbling their shrooms down. Suddenly my stomach started hurting and i asked my friend if this was normal, he said it was so i ignored the pain. About 25 minutes later i started feeling really good and the pain faded away (the normal shroom body high), so we piled into my friends car and headed for a gathering of about 15 people, we were planning on going there to smoke some weed. But on the way there is now a complete blank, the only thing i remember from that car ride is pulling up at the place we were going to and finding a giant metal structure glowing, blinding me. Thats all i could see(it turns out that structure was the train station, my friend said), so my friend had to direct me to the house. When i got up to the door, the wall of the house looked endless (you enter from the side of the house, there were about 4 doors on the side of it, each belonging to someone). That spooked me out a little. So when we entered the room, there were like 15 people all passing a brown glass pipe around, when i entered the room everyone stared at me, their faces scary and dark with black blotches on their faces..When i sat down i felt like i started to shrink, the world around me slowly got bigger. Someone handed me the pipe and told me to smoke, I felt like they were demanding that i smoke, so that spooked me even more. This is where it starts to get scary...In a split second i was suddenly outside puking out brown liquid (i ate a couple chili dogs 1 hour before i took the shrooms) that started to swirl around on the ground, i looked up and once again saw the endless wall, then my friend was screaming "calm down!", after the 2 minutes of puking the liquid looked black, i was scared shit less, i thought i puked out blood, my friend trying to calm me down suddenly disappeared along with the surroundings. EVERYTHING was gone, all i heard was my friends faint voice screaming. Then i said (mumbling stupidly) "WHO ARE YOU" and he told me who he was, i then tried to tell him i wanted to go home. I felt so disconnected with everything. I turned around and saw a giant white light blinding me, i had a feeling it was the structure from before. When i grabbed for the light with my hand it disappeared and i suddenly couldn't respond to my friend, i couldn't even move, then i felt like i was being swept away on a wind. It turns out my friend was carrying me to the car, he then threw me into the backseat. The only thing i could see was the car, the driver, and a silhouette next to me saying "he just needs to be in a comfortable environment". Outside the car was the absolute nothingness i was deathly afraid of. Then i felt like i was moving at unthinkable speeds...I was going so fast and all i could see was the a silhouette and my seat belt at this point. Finally we stopped, i asked where i was and he said "You must really be tripping", it turns out we pulled up at my house, which to my eyes didn't exist. I was then in a void with just the ground in view. So my friend guided me to my door, when i opened the door i finally snapped back to reality. My house was in view. I rushed to my TV and computer, wrapped up in a blanket, and tried to turn the TV on. My friend turned it on for me and told me to just watch some TV and calm down. He left, i didn't even notice he did so. So at this point the TV was flashing bright images and loud noises which made me panic, i went to my keyboard to log into my computer to find some soothing music, and the keyboard was melting away...I franticly ran into the kitchen which looked spiky dark and demented. Then i ran into the bathroom (we have those really bright fluorescent lights) and when i turned it on the light flooded the room with a solid white light, it wasn't instantly it was flooding like sped up water. At this point i couldn't see a thing, so after feeling for the doorknob i opened it and rushed to my blanket, which grew 5 times in size when i wrapped up in it. Now it gets fuzzy, i remember faint moments where i would be pressing buttons on my TV or typing on my keyboard, or even weirder, trying to rip my shirt off. Finally after blacking out i awoke..What i awoke to was one of the most amazing things Ive ever seen...

Comment:Now Ive only tried shrooms once before, and that trip i would rate a level 2.

I awoke to a room with lush orange walls, curved angles and smooth kaleidoscope walls. The carpet was a foamy ocean of moving waves, and the light shining above me created a beautiful rainbow aura. I felt incredible. When i closed my eyes i saw 3d visual movements of colors and shapes, moving and transforming at fast speeds, repeating the cycle slightly different each time. I walked into my laundry room and opened the door to my garage, and out of the darkness walked 2 fluid abstract figures, they were my 2 cats. But to me they were black and Grey shapeless fluids hovering about. I walked into my room and turned off my light. The only thing in my room were a couple Cd's and some childhood toys dug out of my closet. In this room i lied down, and felt so peaceful, until i started hearing distorting noises and voices.. The voices were unclear but the noises sounded like another dimension. That was the only other scary part of this trip. The rest of the trip was just normal shroomy goodness, when i went outside tree branches and leaves grew and moved in an unnatural matter, the grass was lush and bright green, the night sky was a blue tone with giant bold stars. An amazing yet horrible experience.

But i would love to know what triggered the horrible images and actions that happened that night...And do vitamin c pills really boost your trip? And if so what would be a better amount of pills to take for next time?

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