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Horrible Waxy Trip

OK well i am 16yr/old male that weighs around 120lbs.

OK well i am 16yr/old male that weighs around 120lbs. Dosage: 1/8 via pushed into a pb&j sandwich. OK well this weekend was the first time booming i did it on Saturday and chilled at a house and it was fun we tripped our selves out and played Zelda. Sunday i decided to take the rest of my 8th cause the night before i took the first half. Well i took it waited about an hour and i only got little little visuals. So my friend gave me another 1/2 of an 8th and we went out to eat dinner at a steakhouse. First off the car was cleaner then shit. Along with everything else then the world started to have laggy tracer effect to were it looked like everything was melting. As we got to the steakhouse everything turned into melting wax and it was harder then shit to walk. My glasses i thought fell off cause they melted. Then i got super paranoid. Thought everyone could tell that i was booming and was going to get caught. I couldn't order anything cause i was afraid of the waiter. I got my friend to go outside with me where we sat on the grass. At this point i didn't understand shit and was way scared thinking the cops would come and my parents would find out. My friend took me on a drive to calm me down which only made it worse cause i got stuck in the seat of his car and every car turned into a cop car and the street lights were red and blue. At this point i was so confused i wanted just die and kill myself. Finally my friend got me to fall asleep in his car where i stayed for another three hours he woke me and brought me into his house, finally the world stopped melting and it wasn't wax but it still was cleaner then fuck. We went out got some acid and chilled at this point i was fine and was coming down fast. But from now on i am going to carry ambien so i can fall asleep if i ever have a bad trip that that again. Honestly without my friends i would have committed suicide. I will boom again just won't go out in public cause it is to scary with paranoia...

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