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Guitar Madness

Before my first experience with shrooms, the only drugs I had taken were marijuana and some pills.

Before my first experience with shrooms, the only drugs I had taken were marijuana and some pills. I figured shrooms would make for a great time so me and some close friends purchased a 1/16 of shrooms each. We were all first-timers, but we knew each other well and were not worried about a bad trip. My friends parents had left the night so we all met at his house and downed the shrooms. At first, it seemed like I was high, but more intense than normal. I sat in my friends dark room and listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers. As I lay there and contemplated life, it seemed like the whole universe was contained within that single dimly lit room. What I mean is that I felt there was nothing outside at all, just vacuum. This made me feel very safe and chill, like I was in a womb. This was about an hour and 15 minutes into the trip. Next, a couple of friends came over and we smoked weed in their van. I layed my head against the window and saw my first hallucinations. The ground was suddenly overlaid with red, green, and yellow symbols that simultaneously merged to create new symbols and change color. That was beautiful. Then I went back inside to go change my shirt because of the smell of marijuana. I made my way into the basement where my clothing was and I remember being very easily distracted. Finally I made my way down there and after changing my shirt I noticed my guitar and amp sitting nearby. I play guitar, and I play to play professionally when I get older, so I brought it over to see how I played. I started playing this Wes Montgomery lick, with my friend playing a rythym he concocted. Suddenly, I couldn't feel my hands and I started playing like crazy. I looked down and my hands were going insane. I was in constant ecstasy both from the sounds created and my insane new playing. I played for an hour and a half until the drugs finally wore down. Luckily my hands already had decent calluses otherwise they would have been bleeding like crazy. It was a great 1st trip!

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