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Horrible trip

It was a fri and i got out of school early because i had exams.

It was a fri and i got out of school early because i had exams. i left with my frind who had just picked up a zip of mushies. i bought an eighth from him and ate them immediatly i think it was around 2 pm though im not 100%. it started off alright awsome actually i had never felt Mushrooms so intense. time didnt exist to me and i didnt care if you've ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I was walking around like Johnny Depp. at this point the visuals were just kind of average. you know everything looks fuzzy and out of proportion. it started getting bad when i started peaking. i remember saying"Jesus it hot in here" i began to delayer( i had like 6 shirts and a sweatshirt on for some reason) so i took off a few and slid on to the couch. there was a documentury on Adolf Hitler on Tv that my Friend A.A. was watching, i could hear death metal music every where and there was no sence of reality. then German voices echoed in my racing mind. i closed my eyes but i could still see everything. When i opened the Hitler was no longer in the Tv he had come out of it and was standing right infront of me. i tried to calm down by petting A.A's dogs but they stared morphing together and morphing in to the floor then one looked up at me and it looked evil with crooked teeth sticking out from its mouth and glowing red eyes. i immediatly got up and drank some soda but i could feel it go in my mouth and then it felt like it was sandpaper going down my throat. there were strange things happening all around me. A.A was talking to his brother but all i could hear were sounds like ehh behh ehh behh and shit like that. then when i would look at them i could hear what they were saying. i went down stairs and as i was going down the hall of stairs it seemed like an eternity. when i got down there i thought i was in Hell i was soooo hot and every thing around me just had an evil sense to it. i tried to talk but it thae only thing that would come out sounded all Fucked up to me. so i went in to the bathroom to look at myself and what i saw was Horrible my Bottom jaw and Bottom row of teeth were missing and there was Blood dripping down from my face. i actually thought that blood was pouring out of my face. it then went from Bad to worse. i had Bronchitus at the time and that plus the shortness of Breath Caused by the Mushies made it so i couldnt get enough oxygen. i tried to get over it by just laying there but it was like i was slowly slipping into insanity.i was laying there and it was like only my head was just sitting on the ground i could see my body but it felt like it had melted into the floor. what happened next was the worst the breathing got worse i could barely got any oxygen into my lungs A.A said i was starting to turn a little pale blue and that scared me because he wasnt tripping. next i decided i had to do something so i had him Drive me to the hospital and when i got there it scared the shit out of even them the got me on oxygen immediatly. but at this time i had kindof gotten used to the feeling of barely being able to breath so it wasnt all that bad at the time. once i was on Oxygen it got much better. then when i was coming down the trip got good again they were wheeling me around in the Hospital Bed and i didnt know anyone was pushing me so i felt like i was on a walt Disney ride or something. next i got a chest x-ray they had me stand up tot he thing and spread out my arms next i began to think i was Jesus Christ being crucified it was awesome. after that i just came down in the hospital udering insane thought i then came out of it and went home, that was it. what a great country. the moral is down trip on Mushrooms when you ahve bronchitus and if you cant breath dont be afraid to go to the Hospital, its better than dying. well thats my really bad trip i hope someone can relate to this respond to this if something that fucked up ever happened to you.

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