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Horrible First Trip

Alright, first the day starts out pretty good.

Alright, first the day starts out pretty good. It's sat. and i just got out of detention and me and my two other friends decided that we were going to eat mushrooms. When i got to his house i immediately began eating them. I ate them while they watched because they were scared to do it. After about a half hour they started eating theirs, just about the time when i started to trip. I started seeing weird colors and when i looked at a multi-colored polka-dotted pillow, i geeked out. My friends acted like i was just faking it and it wasn't really happening since they hadn't seen anything yet. So we start watching Pink Floyd, The Wall and that was crazy. I saw people moving in ways i know weren't real and it freaked me out. Right when my friends started to trip, we decided to rip some bong hits. While outside everything seemed dark and gloomy even though it was light out. All of a sudden i felt a sudden rush of uncomfortableness and i felt that my two friends really weren't my friends. As i was sitting on the deck, i looked at the wood work on it and i saw skulls everywhere. They all began spinning around and i got really scared because i had never seen anything like that in my life before. At that point i really don't remember that much but i decided i wanted to go inside, by myself. Inside i sat down and completely forgot where iwas. I felt like i had no identity, like i wasn't a real person. Everything was swirling around me and the walls were breathing heavily. At a few points if i can remember right, i even thought i was dead. I forgot that i had family and i felt like i was the only person in the world. I had no idea what was going on and when i looked at my hand and saw faces on each finger-tip that were talking to me, i went insane. Finally my friends came in and for some reason i still didn't realize they were my friends. I almost thought they were my enemies and that they seemed really sketchy. And with all of this i got a thought in my head that ive never had before. Since i believed that i was dead, i for some reason was thinking about killing myself which doesnt make sense but thats what i thought at the time. I couldn't talk and at that moment i couldn't move. I tried to sleep but the images in my head were out of this world and scaring me. Me friends tried to to do happy things for me to make me stop being negative but nothing worked. Finally, it seemed like out of nowhere, everything came back in aboiut 5 minutes and i felt real again. I wasn't tripping or anything, i just felt high. That was def a horrible first experience but i do think that i will try them again. Maybe it wont be so bad next time.

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