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Deffinately a level 5 trip man.

Deffinately a level 5 trip man. it was my third time after only consuming a few gs the first two i made two liters of juice with a half pound of shrooms picked fresh from my local field. Common psilocybes by the way. And let me tell u it was the most life changing experiece i am most likely to ever have. The day was started with smoking a few bowls and then going to the field. Andrew (the guy that i was with),and i ate enough in the field as it was cuz it was a wonderfull picking. i guess it was about four hours later when it all came together. Seeing the carpet moving and everything else covered with ants i was still okay. Then i was passed a blunt and hessitated when i inhaled cuz it just didnt feel right. I passed and was immidiately followed by a feeling puking on my chest. I got up and went to the sink and attemted puking but nothing came. i need more room to write! But anyways i saw god and he was sooo pissed and i saw everyone in my life separated into good and bad and doctors cutting me to take out organs.BADTRIP!!

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