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Holy Shrooms

I always really wanted to try shrooms, so i finally did a couple weeks ago.

I always really wanted to try shrooms, so i finally did a couple weeks ago. My friend Chris (who has been doing shrooms for a very long time) arranged for me to meet him at his apartment one night.
When I got to his apartment, i was really tired and didn't really feel like doing shrooms, but decided to anyway because we had been planning this for a really long time.
Chris made some shroom omlettes, putting a lot less in mine than he did in his. Only problem was, he forgot which one was supposed to be mine. Of course, i chose the one that would bring me up to about a level five trip. Chris got the level two. Figures.
Feeling really tired, i went and sat down on his bed, waiting for the magic to begin. At some point, i fell asleep. Pretty soon, i started having this really weird dream. Chris's bed turned into a piano and i started to play it. Then all these giant Teddy Gram cookies walked over to me and started singing along. I cannot explain how weird that was. All of a sudden I woke up.
The entire room was spinning really fast, and so was the bed. I felt like i was suctioned to it and couldn't move. Then the spinning stopped. For some reason, i thought i was on this really little bed that was only about an inch from the floor, and decided to roll off it. Unfortunatly, i was really two feet from the ground, and landed pretty hard on my shoulder. At this point, i got kinda scared, and started calling for Chris.
I started to crawle accross the floor, but i felt like i was in mud, and it was really hard to move. I felt like there were ants running through my veins, although it wasn't really a bad feeling. I made it out into the hall. I crawled along the hall, but it never seemed to end, it kept going and going. I kept trying to reach the end, but i couldn't. Finally, I saw Chris standing in the doorway in front of me, and he sat down next to me.
He started to talk to me, but i couldn't hear what he was saying. I could just see his mouth moving. Then, he turned into God. All of a sudden, the walls around me collapsed and dissinagrated. I was surrounded by this blinding white light. I could hear the words of God floating around my head, and for some reason, tried to grab them. He told me that i had to use the light to fill all of the dark places of the earth with it. Only I could fight evil and win. So, he told me he was giving me this light. I opened my mouth to talk, and all of the white light was suctioned into me through my mouth.
Then, the walls came back up. But, i felt weightless and happy, because i knew that i could fight evil and win. At this point, i started to come back down. The ant feeling in my veins returned, but now it felt like they were trying to eat my insides. I took a few deep breaths, and eventually, the feeling went away.
After that, i had no more bad feelings, and found myself holding a very mind expanding conversation with Chris's goldfish. Eventually, i fell asleep again.
I would have to say that the experience was really spectacular, and i will definatly do it again. Chris is teaching me to grow my own, and so far, they seem to be doing pretty well.

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