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Holy shit i had a bad trip man.

On December 31st 2005, New years eve.

On December 31st 2005, New years eve. I decided that I would celebrate by making my way over to a rave titled Apocolypse 2. Before entering both my boyfriend at the time Z and me decided to each drop 2 e bombs. Pink X.O.s i beleive. So i took both of mine and then about a half hour later i began to roll, party, light shows what ever. It was time for a smoke break so we went outside to the smoking area. It was then that i was asked by a girl," do you want some LSD?' But i said no because i didnt have any money. But then she told me that if i sold 2 hits for her that she would give me one for free so i preceeded asking people. I found my friend J, J gladly wanted to buy some. So i brought J to the girl and he handed her 25 dollars. She informed us that she had been having trouble with the dropper so she had to put it in a bottle of water.. not a full bottle. So when she got back from the bathroom she handed us each out party favors and we endulged. Then we all went our seperate ways. I then needed to use the bathroom and I got in line. I got into a stall abotu 15 min later and the bathroom began to come alive. There was light pink wall paper lining the walls and the flowers on them began to dance. Once i got out of the stall I began to get a light trip (let me tell you this might not all be in the correct order) the trip was close to a mushroom trip but a lot more confusion. Z then told me that Tech nine was about to begin his show and led me into a room with his stage and we were standing in a huge crowd of people when all of a sudden I hear, "TECH NIIINE," and millions of green lasers are shooting out of the walls and the kid in front of mes hair was growing straight up out of his head and up the walls. I started tripping harder and my friend T gave me some sea breeze(vicks) and i became numb. It was too intense so we went out side for a moment and there was another stage with some techno playing, i dont remember wut it was. But this kid came up and was like Dude u are tripping let me give u a light show. And of course i said yes. lol. He started and all i could c was 8 of his face and lots of flashing lights and colors. I then recall that Z and I went back in to hear more tech and sit against a wall. We sat and snuggled and got some light shows. I remember laughing a lot at this point and people were just giving me a show. I also remember seeing a lot of asain people at this time. lol. We were making our way back to the smoking area when i saw my friend J's brother and he informs me that J has overdosed and they needed to take him to the hospital. That scared me a lot. I dont remember exactly what i was thinking at that moment but it musnt have been to exciteing. My sequencing is going to get worse. While i was walking around to all the rooms it became very futuristic and there were advertisements for Ecxtacy all over everything. I could hear people whispering that word over and over and over again. I started to beleive that i was part of a dance competition and we were competeing in the finals and everyone was cheering for me. That is about all i can remember that was actually from the rave. Z took me back to his house with his friend, which i dont remember at all. I was completely gone by that time i didnt know who i was, where i was or what i was doing. I thought that we were still at a rave once we were at his house and i kept telling him that we had to keep partying or else we were gonna die. I thought that all of the people i loved and cared for were at his house having a party with us and we all took a drug that is irreversable and that i was gonna die in the end. Z kept on telling me that i had to go to sleep and i just couldnt. I thought that weeks had gone by and it was still the same night. The trip started to take a really bad turn and we were still having a rave at his house and i strongly belived that we were going to die. I looked at Z and his pores on his face began to rip open and his body began to deteriorate. I screamed. All of my friends and everyone i love started to get bloddy and deteriorate also. They were all dieing in front of me. I saw faces pop out of the ground, faces filled with sorrow and anger. My skin was covered in a green film and everything i touched was sticky. At this point i beleive i layed down with my back facing Z and he touched my shoulder to comfort me and all i could feel and hear was his bones craking as he touched me. I looked at him and he was nothing but charred bones and charcol. It was so insanely real. So I just layed there scared for a really really long time and for some reason i thought i was lieing next to a velvet rope at a movie theatre lobby... i have no idea why. And then i thought i was lieing bye this glass foutain where i saw these people inside these machines that looked like spiders and they had giant guns with crystals on the end of them and they were gaurding a Huge peice of Bud it was realllllly weird i couldnt move i was just laying there next to the fountain. Unnoticed. I layed there until 4:30 the next day just completely confused and scared out of my minf still not knowing where i was. Z told me that he had to take me home so i got up and i went into the bath room and half of my face was swollen and i had lost my glasses somwhere through the night so i coulnt see very well and I had a huge clump of gum in my hair. On the drive home i didnt say a word and i still didnt know who i was sitting next too. Once i got home i got in the shower and cleaned up a bit which was hard bkus i was pretty much brainless. I didnt know how to turn off my shower so i told my mom is was broken. Then i got dressed and just layed in my bed with a blank mind bkus i was completely in shock and i was still tripping out a little bit like there were little rainbow spirals in my room from the light. I then was able to call Z and i said to him Dude i had the CRAZIEST dream last night and he was like wut was it and i started to tell him and he told me that it wasnt a dream and that i was tripping it all. I tripped a few other weird things but i have no idea when throughout the night it was. Such as i had a barbaque with my whole family and we ate in my front yard and i went back to being a little kid. I also thought that my father invented a toy that keeps you safe when you go to a rave. Wow that night was indeed a trip.

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