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Holy Shit an eighth and a half hurts

My friends and I took an evening trip to Lake Castaic in California.

My friends and I took an evening trip to Lake Castaic in California. Upon arrival, we all decided to drop a disgustingly large amount of shrooms, and this is what happened. My friend and I both took an eight and a half, while the two others took only an eighth. It was only my second time shrooming, and the time previous i had only induce about half an eighth, and even that was pretty crazy. Either way, about 20 mins, no kidding 20 mins after i ate all my shrooms, I was tripping so hard. Nothing mattered, there were campers sleeping all around us, and we just laughed and tripped and cared less about everyone and ebverything around us. After scaling the side of a mountain, and reaching the top from pure adrenaline, we returned to the camp site, and sat quielty amongst ourselves for roughly an entire hour, just pondering and digging deep into our minds about our true existence and eason for being on earth. Like the trip scale says, a completely and unexplainable loss of reality occured, and I thought quite simply, my body is a just another form of energy amongst many things, and it did not matter whether my heart was pumping or not, I would still exist, and my energy would still be the same regardless if I took the form of homosapien or not. Along with this insane delve into my conscious, I watchjed my fingers grow and shrink in size, electric circuits shooting everywhere, and my friends faces twitching at 1,000 miles per hour. All i saw were the blacks in their eyes, and at one point, i thought that my face had been cut up and sliced open from scaling the mountain, but in turn, it actually wasnt. Words cannot explain the insane feeling that dropping an eighth and a half will bring to one. I might add this one last thing, I will never take that much again. Ever.

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