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Ok i had already done mushrooms before but not as much as i was doing this time.

Ok i had already done mushrooms before but not as much as i was doing this time. I had already eaten a little more than 4 grams and i wasnt really feeling it. Then out of nowhere I turned on my music and my lava lamp. Thats where i started to realize how fucked i was gonna be. So i just chilled in my room until i had to go pee so i went in the bathroom and when i looked in the mirror my face would morph into other peoples faces that i knew. (sooo cool) Then all of the sudden a drip of blood started to drip down my face. This is when i started to freak out. So i wiped it off and looked at my hand, but there was no blood. My hand would get fat, and lengethen out as i wanted to. So all my friends left expect for me and this other kid. We just went in my bed and chilled out. I couldnt feel my face, arms, or legs. well while we were talkind this kids face would merge in with the pillow he was laying on. It was crazy it was like i was talking to this halfman halfpillow. Well thats about the time i had gone to level 5. Now i really messed up. I couldn even hold a cup of water my hand felt like a noodle. Then i went to the bathroom again and the bathroom seemed like it was in a comic book. It was crazy. And when i looked in the mirror i saw a kid that looked just like me but 10 years older, it was weird. I was freaking out and i was actually thinking about calling my mom. I was fucking freaking out...... So just as a warnig DONT DO 4 GRAMS OF SHROOMS IF YOU ARE A SMALL DUDE.

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