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Guacomole color face

Let me start by saying that this trip took place in the summer of 1998.

Let me start by saying that this trip took place in the
summer of 1998. I was with one of my best friends "T" on a camping trip, and we had decided to try shrooming for our first time. As you probably know it is not always good to mix alcohol with psychedelics but we didn't know about it then, and on camping trips we usually drink from 2 pm till we drop :). So night time came, and we we're sitting at our camp when suddenly a girl friend of mine dropped by with her boyfriend. I think we bought somewhere about 3.5-4.5 grams of dried cubensis, and we split them up. T got just a tad more than the rest of us... cant remember why....
So after consuming the mushrooms, we sat talking, waiting for interesting effects to come, but nothing happened for about 1 hour or so. So we begin thinking that we might've been ripped off? (we didn't know then!). So we decided to roll a joint with some tobacco, pot and hash, and just taking the first puff or so, i seriously felt that i had shit myself. For no apparent reason. Ofcourse i hadn't, but i had to get up and walk around abit to be sure :).. upon my returning to our tent, things got a bit hazy. T was lying on his sleeping bag telling us, he was 200% sure that we (the 4 of us) had been through this situation before. Dé ja vu. My girl friend "L", sat in i think lotus position swaying back and forth (not knowing she did that). And when i looked at her, she seemed to look like a girl from my class, back home?!! (ofcourse she didn't look like that at all!). And upon my looking at her, her face seemed to turn guacomole green. Seriously light green. VERY cool!!.. "T" was still rambling on about this and that from the back of the tent. He said that he was flying through a "glass tunnel, with diamond flares". Later on we asked if he'd like some candy (from a plastic-box you know!), and he told us to be very carefull, not to drop it, cos to him it was indeed NOT a plastic box. It was VERY fine china, and we we're (according to him) no longer in our tent, but in a very fine (snob-like) house.

Later on, when "L" and her boyfriend left, me and "T" decided to go to clean our teeth and go to bed. But when we we're coming back to our tent, from the cleaning facilities, "T" thought (because of all the tents) that we we're in a military camp, and there was some following us. Like you know, you look at a tent, and you think you JUST saw someone sneaking behind it watching you!. So he got me a little worked up on it, but we went to our tent and fell asleep quickly after so that was nothing.

What a great experience!!.. But: Was this a level 1 or a level 2? please tell me!..


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