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I had wanted to shroom for some time over the months but I wasn't really enthusiastic about it.

I had wanted to shroom for some time over the months but I wasn't really enthusiastic about it. Me not having many hook-ups with shrooms, I took the first offer I got. My friend and I bought a little more than an 8th each and decided It would be enough. We drove up to the woods and found our nice little secluded area. Both of us were completely unexperienced. He had done it once but didn't trip real hard, and I had never done it before. Me being 16 at the time I thought I was quite ready. But, of course I was not. I wasn’t feeling very well that day, mostly because of the nervousness, but I was confident that nothing would get in my way of shrooming. I knew these shrooms were damn good. I could just tell.
Anyways, we sat in my friends car and munched the decent tasting shrooms down with candy within a couple minutes Usually Ill be the type to think “Come on, hurry up, is it gonna work yet?” But The second I ate the shrooms I didn't feel like this. I knew they were going to work just fine. We sat in the car for about ten minuted and noticed that the trees were slightly melting around us. We also noticed that the colors were very bright. We had to go outside. We talked and pranced about outside for a little while and were having a blast. Almost everything he said was hysterical! I soon noticed that my voice had somehow become digital. This was great. Next I noticed my hands were tracing, everything was echoing, and there were patterns of skulls everywhere. This was the most insane thing I had ever experienced, so far, but I knew i wasn’t deeply into shrooms because I still had my state of mind. After an hour or so, Time started to become meaningless at a fairly rapid rate. Things were getting weird. My friend and I started to journey through the woods and we noticed it was getting dark. I was so sure it was going to get really intense and creepy when the moon came out but my friend assured me we would have plenty of light due to the full moon that night. I kept looking at my pager and was fascinated at how slow time was going. It was great! I looked at my friend and realized his face was starting to shift a little. This scared me a bit but me being a thrill seeker I loved it. We sat down and decided to look at each other and talk. We talked and talked, the shrooms got more and more intense. The basic hallucinations were heavy, like tracing, echoing and so on, but the deep intense, unexplainable other world was starting to drift toward my presence. We sat and discussed...I have no clue what. All I remember is that we were connected into each others minds and the gibberish coming out of our mouths made since to only us and we always concluded to one word. “Friends” My visual range was becoming insane, everything was shifting, the moonlight seemed to give the “world” its own light. It was truly amazing my friends I wish I could describe it. There were also intense rainbow patterns with eyes in them. The only way i could describe it in my mind at the time was “INTENSE HIPPIE” thats all. This experience alone was THE most amazing thing my mind has ever felt in my WHOLE LIFE. NOTHING MATTERED! Anything and everything I had done in my life seemed meaningless. We were the only two people existing at that point. One thing that kept amazing me was that other people had experienced this before. I just could not believe it!
After an hour or so my friend seemed like he went back to the other world and was trying to tell me something. I finally figured out he was telling me he was cold and he wanted to go back to the car. I couldn't grasp the concept of COLD or CAR nothing mattered. But I cared he was cold so i stumbled behind him to the car, but i didn't go in. I felt so alone outside but it wasn't that bad. I amused myself by making noises very lightly, and listened to them echo..echo..echo... It was great. My friend turned the car on to turn his heater on and this scared the living shit out of me. I couldn't understand how the car turned on and at this point I realized, this trip was going to get more intense and this scared me. The overly powering HIPPIE world was getting to me and I knew I needed something. So I decided to go into the car with my friend. I sat in there but I couldn’t understand thing he was saying, all I know is I kept saying, don't leave, don't leave! He was assuring me He wouldn't. Non the less I was still scared out of my mind. It was too intense. The patterns were intense. I can not describe it with words. I became very nauseous. He comforted me by playing the radio. I heard the blue song ,and Britney spears but the songs were echoing, and twisting and out of this world. They seemed to hurt me deeply. The patterns, the eyes, the HIPPIE world, the music, the colors were ganging up on me, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much for my mind too handle. My mind has NEVER experienced such chaos and entrapment. The only good thing I could think of was DEATH. I knew death would get rid of this hellish nightmare. I pleaded for my friend to kill me. Of course he would not. I yelled louder KILL ME KILL ME!!!!! I'm in HELL!!!! but he wouldn’t, he kept saying something. I didn't know what It was but I thought he was telling me to rid my body of the shrooms. I thought about opening the door but the whole car didn't make sense, it was melted together. The back seat seemed very large and foreign. I did not recognize it.But my instincts kicked in and I opened door followed but immediate vomiting. The intensity seemed to slightly go down, but i was still having a bad trip. As I smelled the barf in my nose I repeated over and over, “Never, ever will I do this again. EVER” But anyway the rest of the story is boring. my trip faded away eventually and I became sane again and entered the world I grew up in. But depressed, I missed the HIPPIE colorful world and I vowed I WOULD do it again. My friend laughed.
Since the experience I have become a different person. My mind is somewhat different. It seems to bother me. I have also made many attempts to enter that world with shrooms but I have been unsuccessful. I have built a tolerance for shrooms. I just need to wait a while, then take some. Believe me, the bad trip was damned worth it!
But still this story is all I could remember, and what I remember is just a tiny fraction of a faded memory.

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